​Gartner mentions FarEye in the Hype Cycle for Multienterprise Solutions, 2018 under the Global Logistics Visibility technology

Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-Founder, FarEye
Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-founder, FarEye

New Delhi, 27 December 2018: FarEye, a technology solution to run eCommerce and supply chain logistics operations​,​ has been mentioned as a sample vendor in Gartner’s recent Hype Cycle report on Multienterprise Solutions (1) under the Global Logistics Visibility technology which was published on 13 December 2018. Earlier, FarEye has been mentioned by Gartner in 4 other researches for its real-time visibility platform.(²)

Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-Founder, FarEye

As per Gartner’s report, the multienterprise solutions market is undergoing a new wave of hype mostly driven by new options such as blockchain-enabled platforms. The rise of digital business and interest in blockchain-enabled platforms fuel renewed interest in multienterprise solutions. Digitalizing multienterprise processes delivers improvements in agility, visibility, scalability, and profitability across a wide array of application and supply chain domains.

This Gartner Report lists FarEye, among Sample Vendors for Global Logistics Visibility technology. FarEye enables companies to monitor international logistics events across an entire multileg shipment itinerary to detect event-driven problems early enough to notify recipients and address possible threats. It also offers mobile device integration that allows the capture of geographical and/or conditional information in real time for increased end-to-end visibility. “As these platforms and applications mature, they’re being used in conjunction with other visibility systems covering other modes of transportation or geographies to form what is called the Network of Networks”, Gartner cited.

“We feel honoured to receive the recognition in the Hype Cycle for Multienterprise Solutions. We view Gartner mentions as testaments to the value we bring in our solutions. We built FarEye with a vision to provide technology for predictable logistics and we are zealous towards enabling efficient and reliable logistics using data, intelligence & automation. We will continue to empower our customers with the insights and efficiencies they need to compete in the global market.” says Kushal Nahata, CEO & Co-founder, FarEye.