5 Start-ups that are revolutionizing offline private tutoring industry in India

5 Start-ups that are revolutionizing offline private tutoring industry in India

Not everyone is comfortable sitting in the class of many and study. Some students find it extremely difficult to raise a query in the class which results in unattended doubts and diminution in their morale. Private tutoring is far more effective method of learning for most of the students, it gives more space and confidence to grow at your own pace. People at large have also started recognising the importance and role private tuitions can play in transforming a child’s life. But again, the major problem for tutors remain to find students and for students to find the best suited tutor according to their preferences. Here comes the role of websites offering offline private tutoring. They serve as a link between students and tutors. Over the years these startups boosting private tutoring industry in India have bought a revolution.

5 Start-ups that are revolutionizing offline private tutoring industry in India

Here we are going to talk about 5 start-ups that are revolutionizing offline private tutoring industry in India:

1) MY PRIVATE TUTOR: The global private tutoring
MY PRIVATE TUTOR - The global tutoringFounded by Mr. Sandip Kar, a tech graduate and Mr. Anindya Kar in the year 2002 with the objective of connecting students and teachers for the purpose of simplifying the task of finding tutors for students is running across more than 10 countries including India, Malaysia, Qatar and several others.

The teacher can take online classes from thousands of miles away with the help of the virtual classroom facility of the said start-up. The basic profile of My Private Tutor is free and the tutor need not pay any “cut” of their fees to them initially. Though for applying for various private tutoring jobs one need to purchase the “connects”. It has the doors open for tutors looking to provide full time or part time coachings, online or offline i.e. at the place of student tuitions, in India or Qatar and for the subject of their choice. The students too get to select from the multiple options available and take classes from who they find the best. There is a platform for asking and resolving doubts which prove to be very fruitful for the students.

With the advent of technology, it has become a cake walk for the students and teachers to remain connected in real time. My Private Tutor allows 21 apps to be used for the said purpose which includes Skype, Hangouts, Moodle, IDroo, Dropbox and likes for the purpose of effective discharge of services. The community of teachers, learners, and related parties have crossed the watermark of 3, 00,000.

FLIPCLASSBought into existence by Mr. Vineet Dwivedi in the middle of the year 2013, flip class was established with the aim of connecting students and tutors willing to teach as part time tutors. There are jobs available for different categories of tutors like college students, senior citizens, professional tutors etc.

The process of flip class for the students is simple. One needs to enquire about the tutors available and then choose the one catering most of their requirements. The second step is scheduling a demo class where the chosen teacher delivers the lecture to the student at the residence of the student. Then the student needs to subscribe to the teacher if the said tutor is chosen which marks the beginning of classes at the home of the student. Flip class ensures quality of what it delivers through thoroughly screening the tutors before employing them. At the end of the month, a detailed report of the child’s progress is delivered for each completed session.

Flip class has an active user structure of more than 1500 students and over 2000 tutors. The tutors in terms of teaching have completed 50000 plus hours of private tutoring till now.

3) QRIYO: An hour for Better you
QRIYO - An hour for Better youThe start-up Qriyo (Pronounced as Kriyo), was started by Mr. Rishabh Jain and Mr. Mudit Jain in 2015. It offer varied courses in academics, fitness and hobby classes at home. One can choose from the 300 plus courses available and start learning with a Qriyo Guru. It is a closed market place where Qriyo’s matchmaking algorithm finds you ‘The Perfect Tutor’ without browsing through thousands of tutor profiles. They also claim to evaluate every tutor on 17+ parameters to find their teaching ability.

Qriyo has chosen a unique path of catering to unattired cities of India. While the metros have multiple providers competing for same customers, Qriyo operates in Tier II and Tier III cities which are underserved. Currently it operates in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmadabad and 3 more cities, with plan to expand in 25 more cities in next 2 years, including international expansion in UAE.

Currently the platform has 7000+ registered gurus and have sold 2000+ courses so far. They have dedicated apps for teachers and customers, to discover & manage classes.

4) Eduwizard: Unlimited Tutoring
In the pack of coaching classes offering a variety of test series offline, eduwizard founded by Mr. Ashish Sirohi in the year 2007, with offices in India and USA, aims to solve the same purpose online. Eduwizard online test series offers tests to check your preparedness for exams like JEE-Main and advanced, NEET, GATE, IBPS, Bank Clerk etc. Along with the test series, eduwizard is also known for providing online tuitions to students.

Eduwizard - Unlimited Tutoring

One can find the tutor from the tutor details available at the website or the staff of eduwizard can find the right tutor for them. The zones of tutoring include offline face to face and online tutoring to students with different backgrounds. Lessons are imparted online with the help of some in-house developed technologies such as NCERT solutions App, Live tutors App, Whiteboard, voice technology and others.

Currently, running home tutoring in more than 50 cities, Eduwizard has more than 1.5 lakhs registered users getting benefited by online testing, practice exams and tutoring both online and offline.

5) UrbanPro: Discover, Learn, And Grow.
UrbanPro - Discover, Learn, And Grow

Founded by Mr. Rakesh Kalra in the year 2011 with the name of ThinkVidya which was later rebranded to UrbanPro in the year 2015, UrbanPro is an educational service provider aiming to provide the users with well trained and equipped teachers for the desired course. They have classes for language learning, subject wise coaching, classes for preparation for sundry exams, various IT courses, hobby classes like guitar, baking, keyboard etc in their cart to offer.

For beginning with UrbanPro, the process of hiring the desired tutor is quite simple. One needs to post their customised requirement which would later be handled by team UrbanPro. Post posting of requirement, the user should wait for the response which is developed on the basis of the requirement posted. This generally does not take much time. The last step remains on part of the user since after getting a lot of options available in the form of response, the user needs to select by comparing from the available avenues and then hire accordingly. The professionals have an option to create their profile and mention the skills possessed by them there.

The current base of UrbanPro consists of more than 3.5 lakh professionals, 5 lakh plus customers and visits which are generally over a million per month. The said app solves the purpose of connecting the users with professional tutors. Till now, UrbanPro has more than 15 lakh requirements posted and 50,000 plus reviews increasing the gleam on the website.

Over the past few years, the education start-ups have reached on an altogether different level. For the coming years, we can forecast that these start-ups would gain the trust of the masses thereby bringing a revolution in the offline private tutoring industry. With the above learning, we can broadly categorise these start-ups as professional and higher education start-ups, Test preparation start-up, and preschool start-up. In the future years, we might see some other categories of start-ups revolutionising the whole industry, no one can tell.

About the Author: This article is contributed by Fatima Bohra, working at a global Venture Capital firm Idein Ventures which has invested in multiple hybrid E-commerce companies. She is an analyst by day and a reader by night. Tech & Startup enthusiast by mind and an amateur chef by heart.