Aanchal Saini, Chief Executive Officer, Flyrobe

Aanchal Saini, Chief Executive Officer, Flyrobe

Aanchal Saini, a former lawyer, has transitioned to an entrepreneur and currently serves as the CEO of Flyrobe, India’s first and largest fashion rental service. For the past five years, the company has been taking advantage of the shift in consumer behavior towards a shared economy in the fashion industry.

The business has also expanded through the acquisition of Flyrobe and the founding of RENT IT BAE, which has resulted in a 10X growth for the company.

Saini’s core belief is that sustainable fashion can revolutionize the world with the support of the booming fashion rental industry. She is a proponent of eco-friendly and cost-effective fashion, and as such, is keen on catering to a mass audience through omnichannel expansion in India and overseas.

Aanchal Saini, CEO - Flyrobe
Aanchal Saini, CEO – Flyrobe

Before her passion for sustainable fashion, Saini worked as a practicing lawyer at the Delhi High Court for seven years. Among her notable achievements, she helped establish the Delhi International Arbitration Centre, and has become an expert in the fashion rental space.