How Applancer is Helping Local Startups Like Organofresh to Go Mobile?

How Applancer is Helping Local Startups Like Organofresh to Go Mobile

Applancer, world’s best known mobile app outsourcing platform, is a fast-growing field. It has totally revolutionized the concept of a mobile application development. Loaded with various technical aspects and provision of so many options, it has been proved to be the most unprecedented advancement. Breaking a disruptive technology into the market is never easy, but Applancer proved it wrong!

It is famous for providing enriching and collaborative relations between executives and mobile application developers all over the world. It has foreseen great potential in providing enhanced experience and employment opportunities to all business-persons and tech savvy employees round the globe.

Various startups like Organofresh have been collaborative with Applancer to go digital and mobile

Various startups like Organofresh have been collaborative with Applancer to go digital and mobile. At OrganoFresh their mission is to enable retailers and other businesses of our country to increase their profit and enter in to ‘ Fruits and vegetables’ domain with minimum or zero investment. We want them to realize their maximum earning potential. Their mission is also a commitment to our customers, that they can buy hygienic, clean and branded products at a reliable price. We will be leaders in our domain by using the best of technology available. It is also their mission to create value in the lives of our customers, clients and employees by being committed to our core values. To Emerge as most reliable ‘Fresh Fruits & Vegetables ‘brand in our country’, and provide hygienic and best quality products to end customer at right price is the main vision of OrganoFresh.

All this is achievable if you have access to right app developers, clients and techncrats to publicize your brand online, attract customers and of course project completion. Nevertheless, Applancer is just the best platform to achieve the desired outputs!

A decade of experience and achievements is clearly indicative of the success of Applancer in the field of Software development, Website design and development for smartphones and mobiles. Following a comprehensible approach in providing solutions to projects based on draft plan and design specification is the major key to Applancer’s success. Such a rapid and fast pace progress, whilst conforming to the principles of equality, quality and quantity, is highly worthy to be praised.

Highly dedicated and productive staff puts together its brainpower, heart and soul, which has rarely been utilized in a meaningful way at an organization’s level. Such techies definitely enjoy integrity, compassion, uniqueness and continuous modification in company’s core values. Thus, Applancer has been able to set itself far beyond the normal horizon. The establishment of consistency and permanence in its vision and mission has led Applancer to increasingly focus on IT sector.

Organofresh has already published a project on Applancer’s platform. They were looking for an automated chatbot for their grocery business in Chandigarh; a B2B type app where their clients can directly place order for the next day. One of their main demands was to discuss the concept and idea via Phone/Skype with local developers who can provide ongoing support for the same. The app had to be available for both Android & IOS. They required proper web admin panel to control everything. And then they found Applancer…. All their motives were met by serious players of Applancer.

How Applancer is Helping Local Startups Like Organofresh to Go Mobile

Comfortable and easy option to describe your mobile app idea, discover the best freelancers, work done quickly and easily! Only pay for work you approve. Different tools are present to support developers to develop and design application in the most influential and interactive manner. The most interesting aspect is “Five C(s) policy” i.e. Communicate, Comment, Combine, Compete and Complete, that too simultaneously. By outsourcing, Applancer easily communicates via Skype, phone call, email, video conferencing at any time. It also provides 24*7 customer support helping you to get the issues resolved immediately. By offering advanced and innovative payment options for established companies and freelancers, Applancer lets tech savvies to work on projects, tasks and assignments without keeping their money. Rather it transfers funds through excellent and well-managed system.

Applancer works in a very smooth and progressive manner. Post a project which actually just takes a few minutes and is free. The candidate is required to describe the task he plans to do, and talented freelancers apply instantly with proposals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up, small to medium business or an established company, Applancer supports your businesses reduce costs, enhance profits and fasten the growth. Then comes the stage of getting recommendations. Applancer analyses the requirements and recommends freelancers that are a great match for project. So, in short, it makes our project easier. Then you hire your freelancer. Applancer views best promising candidates, reads project proposals and checks out portfolios, ratings, test scores and more. Last but not the least. You start and finish the work on the same day. Applancer provides everything one desires to manage his project. Payment protection is hundred percent guaranteed. Applancer provides escrow services, thereby helping the candidate to ensure that he only pays for the work he approves. Talking about how much does Applancer cost? It’s actually free of cost. You need not pay anything to join. Simply post projects, and there you have the candidates on Applancer. Just a small amount of 10% fee is added to your freelancer’s bid. You see and pay this price only, when the work is approved.