Avenue Growth Announces the Launch of AI-based Sales Assist

Dreams that seemed impossible a few years ago are almost a reality. With technology as advanced as Artificial Intelligence, almost anything is doable!

Avenue Growth Announces the Launch of AI-based Sales Assist

Avenue Growth is one of India’s largest Sales and Service platform with PAN-India coverage and active sales in more than 500 cities. The Sales support network has managed to achieve distinction for creating 12000 employment growth opportunities. With a core aim to provide highly feasible sales support and cost-efficient sales outsourcing solution to the start-ups or SMEs, Avenue Growth has been acknowledged for its gigantic leap in hiring professionals. The sales and service firm has managed to steal the limelight with an excellent sales support system and promising products.

Avenue Growth Announces the Launch of AI-based Sales Assist

Avenue Growth, recently gained the trust of Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt and now, with immense happiness shares the launch of its new product, Sales Assist. The underlying technology behind Sales Assist is AI. The product is a technology-powered virtual sales support assistant who assists sales professionals on our platform to close sales faster and efficiently. Currently, Avenue Growth has launched the product in a closed group of its sales professionals. The result has been promising and there is an excellent response in the rate for sales outsourcing and closures that the company has generated. 

Sales Assist enables our on-demand sales force to focus more on sales conversions and driving sales efficiency rather than on administrative tasks like identifying leads or data entry. The virtual assistant captures data contextually from multiple touchpoints in the sale & services process with a click of a button. This data is then processed at scale to deliver data-driven actionable insights to our network of sales professionals.

As additional data gets processed, sales professionals are bound to have a personalized engagement plan for every client provided by Sales Assist (put link here). It will also assist and coach them at every step of the sales process from building teams to identifying leads and closing on sales. It is this ability that imbibes a sense of confidence and belongingness in our sales professionals to settle on more sales every time they are outselling.

Aasheesh Watts, Chief Product Officer, Avenue Growth, says “The idea behind the underlying technology of Sales Assist i.e. AI is to help sales be extremely productive. This can only happen if we open up to this new technological revolution. Sales managers often face the challenge of trying to predict their team’s total sales numbers each quarter. Using an AI algorithm, managers can predict numbers with accuracy. I believe Sales Assist can be a real game-changer for our sales”.