Avenue Growth Joins Forces With Hindi Khabar in Boosting Their Sales

Avenue Growth, India's India’s largest sales as a service platform, is tied to Hindi Khabar, the leading news channel.

Rachit Mathur - Founder of Avenue Growth

Avenue Growth is a perceived stage with a number of well-known brands linked to it. As of late, Avenue Growth has joined forces with Hindi Khabar, who plans to create moderate bundles for small and medium-sized enterprises to use TV as a medium.

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Small and medium-sized organisations can think that TV will convey to them like nothing else. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in most economies, especially in developing nations. Formal SMEs contribute up to 60% of total employment and up to 40% of national income (GDP) in emerging markets.

In order to guarantee their development properly, Hindi Khabar, the leading news channel, has become the first platform to come up with innovative, affordable packages for them. The primary goal is to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to use television as a medium.

Rachit Mathur, Founder of Avenue Growth, said: “In this new internet environment, where buyers are showing a better buying propensity by researching organisations and products widely on the Internet, TV promotion assumes an urgent job of guaranteeing organisations that can distinguish the benefits of more prominent brand cooperation. Promoting television is the most compelling medium. It makes us talk, animating discussion and welcome a strong view. Thus, as a sales phase, we have collaborated with Hindi Khabar to support Small and Medium’s efforts to use TV as a medium. Hindi Khabar has come up with reasonable, inexpensive enterprise packages.”

Rachit Mathur - Founder of Avenue Growth
Rachit Mathur – Founder of Avenue Growth

As Deloitte’s research shows, 57% of grown-ups  see TV advertising as a medium that has the greatest influence on the brand and its qualities–TV enables organisations to recount their tale, and we, as a whole, love a good tale. That’s why they’ve been told for centuries. More than any other medium, it develops a passionate association between the watcher and the brand, and at a much more notable profundity.

Manish Agarwal, CEO of Hindi Khabar, said: “We’re very pleased to partner with Avenue Growth. The company has a broad variety of products and packages that best suit our requirements. Our plan is to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to begin using television as a medium. Even startups can make use of this offer, and we think it can be useful to them as well. We are aware that the packages available on the market are large, so the creation of affordable packages will be of great assistance to businesses. We chose Avenue Growth to boost our revenues and display our products and packages as the finest sales platform.”

Hindi Khabar is a youth-centric news channel that talks to real India and sets out to think about previous appraisals. The media source is thought to have a group of specialists and experts keen to create an incentive for each of the partners. Prestigious brands like Hyundai, BSNL, Airtel are associated to Hindi Khabar.