AWS EdStart Program Accepts EdYoda as an Asia-Pacific Member

New Delhi, 17th September 2019: EdYoda is an online platform that focuses on vocational training. EdYoda is promulgating skills required for employment in today’s industries. Moreover, it is free of cost

EdYoda focuses on unprivileged students, career professionals and colleges from small cities and imparts industry applicable skills through free of cost programs.

Furthermore, EdYoda prepares students’ for employment and the industry by improving their practical knowledge in pertinent areas such as data science, Cloud, machine learning, web development, and programming. To add to their achievements, recently, AWS EdStart accepted EdYoda as a member.

AWS EdStart Program Accepts EdYoda as an Asia-Pacific Member

About EdYoda

This online learning platform has intensive courses for students to improve their understanding of the subject. The courses go in-depth and teach each skill from the basics. Furthermore, students are fairly and meticulously tested to enhance their profile as a graduate. EdYoda’s main aim is to bridge the gap between graduates with irrelevant skills and demand in the industry. In the end, they connect their skilled graduates to Corporates, Industries, etc by engaging with employers. This arrangement is beneficial for both the parties involved.

EdYoda has performed exceptionally well in registering new candidates. As a result, they have recorded over 46k registrations and 16.5k enrollments. And they use almost 7.3k hours of subject matter on the platform. Also, they have a group of 51 experienced educators for guidance.

About AWS EdStart

AWS EdStart accepted EdYoda as a member of the Asia-pacific region. Ed Yoda’s mission is to solve complicated issues of our education sector. The circumstances necessary to apply for the AWS EdStart are genuinely fulfilled by EdYoda.

Arman Ahmed, Co-founder and CEO of Edyoda
Arman Ahmed, Co-founder and CEO of Edyoda

In particular, AWS EdStart assists in Education-related technological startups. These startups should have some resources to provide nextgen online learning programs. AWS EdStart is a worldwide program that includes startups and colleges that are passionate about the quality of education.

With this in mind, founder Arman Ahmed said, “I am excited with the accomplishment. AWS is a global platform and the expertise and assistance of the mentors will be a great help to scale-up the systems and services. Such programs include access to live and virtual technical training session, webinars, AWS Cloud credits, and specialized partner-led presentations. EdYoda under their guidance and support will now be able to effectively reach out to a wider audience efficiently, especially the aspirants based in remote cities to disseminate skill-based education that makes them employable. This collaboration will certainly help to bridge the gap between skills for the Industry and the curriculum taught in universities and colleges.”