BosonQ Psi partners with Intel® oneAPI to boost quantum computing capabilities

BQP joins Intel OneAPI startup program
BQP joins Intel OneAPI startup program

New Delhi/Bengaluru, March 1st , 2023: Bengaluru’s BosonQ Psi (BQP) has joined Intel®’s oneAPI for start-ups to advance quantum computing. The ecosystem aims to assist start-ups to grow and access advanced technology while also providing business support and stakeholder connections. BQP’s inclusion in the Intel® oneAPI for start-ups will enhance its ability to revolutionize simulations using its quantum computing power.

Abhishek Chopra, Founder & CEO of BQP, said, “We are excited to be participating in this program. It enables us to scale BQP’s Quantum-powered simulation-as-a-service platform by leveraging Intel® oneAPI resources. This includes access to Compute Infrastructure, software tools, Cloud credits, and support from domain experts.”

Being part of the Intel® oneAPI program has long-term consequences for startups like BQP. Elaborating on this, Rut Lineswala, Founder & CTO BQP, said, “BQP recently launched the alpha version of its Quantum powered SAAS suite. In addition to the resource support, the program will help BQP leverage Intel’s marketing channels to get early feedback, improve user experience and achieve breakthrough innovations with quantum powered simulations in the long term.”

BQP strengthens its position in the quantum computing space with strategic partnerships and collaborations. It is now part of the Azure Quantum credits program, Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate, Amazon Braket Quantum service, and more. BQP’s recent induction into the NASSCOM Deep Tech Club further emphasizes its commitment to solving global problems using deep tech.