Samara Mahindra – Founder & CEO - a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer

CARER – Cancer Recovery and Rehabilitation is an integrative approach to healing. Founded by Samara Mahindra, the program was launched on June 2016. It offers a type of rehab specifically designed to help cancer patients make healthy lifestyle changes.

First of its kind in the country, the organization recognizes the traumatic ordeal a patient goes through during and after cancer treatment, and focuses on the importance of providing the most efficient care at this vulnerable time in their life. “CARER is a cancer recovery program that weans a patient off medical care into a healthier lifestyle by providing a holistic approach to healing after treatment” states Samara Mahindra, founder of CARER.

The program is carefully formulated using the medium of technology and human support and interaction to provide patients with the most effective healing without disrupting their daily routine. It is designed such that one has access to all the information and therapies at the comfort of their home through written content, audio clips, informative content videos, practice video tutorials and a step-by- step guide covered over 12 to 24-weeks, created for those just out of treatment and others who have been in remission for awhile.

“The CARER Program conceptualises cancer recovery by providing an all encompassing approach in the comfort of your home. My journey with CARER re-affirmed my conviction that a holistic approach to post recovery cancer care is crucial when on the road to wellness” said Meher Randhawa, Genetic Counseller.

CARER has brought on world renowned specialists to create the program. These experts are highly credible and well respected in their fields and CARER makes them accessible to every cancer patient. With access to the best healing modalities, the right information, tools and resources that are required to make one’s recovery a strong and healthy one, in the least intrusive and most accommodating manner.

The services offered are – Holistic Healing approach, Nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Counselling in recovery, restorative yoga therapy and meditation. Enabling patients to get back to living a quality life again.

There is a registration process, once registered the patient will have full access to the program for life.

About Founder
Samara Mahindra – Founder & CEO
Samara Mahindra – Founder & CEO - a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery TrainerSamara is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer. She is also a qualified personal fitness trainer from the American Academy of Personal Training, New York, Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.

Her focus is specifically towards integrative modalities of healing by using complementary therapies to treat cancer. She moved back from America and began her career through physical and functional training for cancer patients in rehabilitation and found that there was a major gap in the access to lifestyle and health coaching for cancer, prompting her to gain accreditation in the field.

She coaches patients on a regular bases and is now fully focused on launching and establishing the CARER Program globally. Bringing complementary therapies of healing and recovering from cancer to the home of every cancer patient.