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Startup in Chennai

Singapore-Based ThinKuvate Launches Rs 100 Crore Fund to Invest in Indian Startups

Explore ThinKuvate's inaugural India fund, a Rs 100 crore investment initiative aimed at fueling the growth of promising tech startups.

NSDC and AVPL International Sign MoU to Establish 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs for Global Employment in Drone, IoT, Agriculture, and Allied Sectors

Learn about the partnership between NSDC and AVPL International to set up 70 Skills and Incubation Hubs, aimed at boosting vocational training in high-demand sectors.

IVY Growth Associates to Host Third Edition of 21BY72 Startup Summit on June 15-16

Explore the latest in startup innovation at IVY Growth Associates' 21BY72 Summit on June 15-16, featuring 20,000+ attendees, top speakers, and investment opportunities.

ICAI Hosts Academia Meet to Accelerate Discovery through Collaborative Research Initiatives

Explore ICAI's efforts to strengthen India's research landscape through its Academia Meet, featuring top academicians and groundbreaking research initiatives.

The Chennai-based Pencil Technologies is Passionate to Fulfill Passions of Others

Since the day the internet started influencing the businesses in our country, the complications are simplified for those who learned to handle and survive...

This Chennai Based Startup is an Unique B2B and B2C Service Provider as a Fan Relationship Management Firm & Fantasy Sports Platform

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Aravind Ramachandran, Chief Products Officer, Fantain. Please tell us about the founders: Anand Ramachandran (CEO of Fantain) was a seasoned...

This Startup Equips Startups With Business Growth Strategies, Resources and Tools for Business Growth and to Avoid a Failure

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Amit Sharma - Founder & CEO of Dishah Strategic Solutions - A startup which equips startups with business growth strategies,...

The Platform Allows You To Design Products In Real Time, Compare Prices Among Different Print And Manufacturing Houses Across India And Book A Service...

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Surya, Founder, Inkmonk - A Platform that Allows You To Design Products In Real Time, Compare Prices Among Different...

This Online Health Consultation Mobile App is a Boon for the Indians

Doxtro is an online health consultation mobile app using which users can consult specialist doctors in less than 30 minutes. The main aim of...

This Indian CEO has completed 900 PROJECTS from 45 COUNTRIES in 5 YEARS

Mark of uncompromising quality This is the story of a highly talented young man, set in circa 2011. Hailing from India, the land of entrepreneurs,...

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