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Inflection Point Ventures Invests in Top Startups from IPV Ideaschool Accelerator Program

Top startups from IPV Ideaschool Batch 1.0 receive seed funding from Inflection Point Ventures, marking a milestone in their innovation journey.

Purplle Group Secures ₹1000 Cr Funding with ADIA Subsidiary Leading Investment

Purplle Group announces a significant ₹1000 crore investment, with ADIA's subsidiary at the forefront, marking a pivotal moment in their expansion strategy and market dominance.

Assam’s Esah Tea Launches World’s First Microplastic-Free Cotton Tea Bags

Esah Tea from Assam launches the world's first microplastic-free cotton tea bags, offering a safe and eco-friendly tea-drinking experience.

Minister for IT&DS Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan Highlights Tamil Nadu’s Strategic Plan for Deep Tech Innovation

Learn about Tamil Nadu’s roadmap for Deep Tech innovation as highlighted by Minister Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan during iTNT Day.

Youth who failed MBA is setting up tea counters all across Kolkata

25th March 2021: Saurav Jhawar founder of 6 MBA Chaai counters-the first ever start-up that not only adhered to the locals and pedestrians but...

How this Kolkata-based Digital Agency is personalising Digital Solutions

Most of the small companies face an issue of trying to go digital due to limited resources. The Orange Bulletin team is exploring the...

Success story of a disrupting startup cemX

cemX is India's first online platform with offline e-stores, where a customer can buy cement of different brands at the best competitive price. It...

Know How This Kolkata Based Entrepreneur is Sharpening Employee Engagement & Talent Development

Engagemytalent HR Solutions LLP is a brainchild of likeminded individuals who share a common vision to render it back to the society. This Premier...

This Kolkata-based Ed-tech Startup “Makes Learning Awesome” for 3 Lakh+ Students Through Their App

Vawsum is a school parent engagement app that enhances digital learning, communication and child safety. Schools can digitize notes, class updates and video tutorials...

This Kolkata Based Startup Develops an Insurance Platform for Creating 50000 Independent POS Agents at 500 Insurance Points Across India in Next 2 Years

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Subir Mukherjee, Founder and Director, GIBL.IN About the founders:Subir Mukherjee is the Founder and Director at GIBL.IN India’s...

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