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IIT Kanpur’s C3iHub Unveils Startup Cohorts to Drive Cybersecurity Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fueling India's Cybersecurity Revolution: C3iHub Introduces 19 New Startups

Prachi Kaushik Receives Social Women Entrepreneur Award for Empowering Women in Menstrual Hygiene Management

Learn about Prachi Kaushik's remarkable achievements in empowering women and promoting menstrual hygiene management through Vyomini Social Enterprise, recognized with the prestigious Social Women Entrepreneur Award.

SPJIMR’s Sunil Bhatia Start-up Hub convenes 100 business leaders at Round Table Mixer Event

Engage in strategic dialogues and forge valuable connections at SPJIMR's Sunil Bhatia Start-up Hub Round Table Mixer, bringing together 100 influential figures from leading institutions and innovative startups.

Popcorn & Company Scores Rs 75 Lakh Investment on Shark Tank India 3

Learn how Popcorn & Company's innovative approach to gourmet popcorn earned them a significant investment of Rs 75 lakh on Shark Tank India 3.

Celebrating Diversity and Personal Connections: The Cultural Significance of Custom Made Gifts

Uncover the practicality and impact of personalised corporate gifts, as they deepen emotional connections, enhance client loyalty, and promote employee satisfaction in India's evolving business landscape.

The Role of Augmented Reality in Bridging the Gap between Online and Offline Retail

Discover how augmented reality (AR) technology is reshaping the retail landscape by providing online shoppers with virtual try-on experiences and offline stores with interactive displays, bridging the gap between digital and physical shopping environments.

Interim Budget 2024: Entrepreneurs Speak Out with Reaction Quotes and Impact Analysis

In the much-anticipated Interim Budget 2024, entrepreneurs from various sectors have offered their perspectives, providing valuable insight into the potential impacts on businesses. This...

Unlisted Shares Demystified

Delving into the World of Non-Public Equities in India

National Startup Day 2024 – A Transformative Celebration

Delve into stories of resilience, collaborative efforts, and the proclamation that the future is actively being shaped.

Credit Card Dynamics Shift as Travel and E-commerce Cards Gain Momentum in Smaller Cities

Travel & e-commerce cards witness faster adoption rate; fuel credit cards top demand in 2023 across India’s Tier-2 & 3 cities

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