Collagen Supplements: Modere Liquid BioCell – A dietary supplement of Natural Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid

Modere Liquid Biocell™ Pure

“Should I really take Collagen Supplement?” You’ve probably asked yourself this question and most likely, you didn’t find a suitable answer. Well, don’t you worry anymore because in this article, I’ll provide you with the exact answer you are looking for.

Collagen is one of the latest and popular slogans in health. Every beauty parlour is decorated with Collagen powder containers. The pharmacies are also stored with collagen cream. It is claimed that collagen will keep you looking younger for decades to come.

Is collagen really important for health and youth? Let’s dive in!

What is Collagen?

We think about collagen when we think about our skin and health because the word is very much related to skin aging and joints issues. Protein in collagen indeed plays an important role in the supposed youthfulness of skin.

However, it not only protects our skin but also goes beyond it.  Our bones, tendons, and ligaments are made up of collagen which is elastic like fibre.

  • Collagen protects skin firmness. It helps in the constant regeneration of skin cells. Skin elasticity is also maintained by Collagen.  So, it is considered vital for keeping the health of skin ageless and youthful.
  • Besides beautifying skin, Collagen gives strength to various parts of the body and protects bones, tendons, and ligaments from decay, injury, and environmental toxins.

Reasons why Collagen Supplements are Important.

Our body produces the required amount of collagen we need if we take a balanced diet. Still, with age, our collagen production is lessened. Skin sags and wrinkle appears.  Joints get stiff.  In this condition, some may choose to take it to gain certain health benefits and to treat collagen deficiency or other conditions.

According to a study, the women who took a collagen drink supplement daily for 12 weeks had increased skin hydration and a noteworthy reduction in wrinkle depth. Afterward, the wrinkle-reducing effects of collagen supplements have stimulated their body to produce collagen on its own.

As we get older, and collagen decreases, the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders increases. Studies have shown that taking collagen supplements may help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce joint pain overall.

In the world of Collagen, Modere has brought a revolution.  They have introduced Bio Cell – a new generation of collagen. A series comes for skin rejuvenation and tightening. You may pick any one of them: Modere Liquid Bio Cell Skin, Modere Lean Body System, and Modere Liquid Bio Cell Life.

Modere Liquid Bio Cell Pure

Modere Bio Cell Pure is a collagen supplement consisting of ingredients. These ingredients nurtures and supports both active and ageing joints. Liquid bio cell pure is a sugar-free supplement with less than 10 kilo joules per serve.

Liquid Biocell™ Pure

Benefits of using Liquid Bio Cell Pure

  • Improve the joint strength
  • Growth of healthy tissues.
  • Improve joint mobility and muscle tone

Benefits to Skin

  • It reduces wrinkles and increases skin’s collagen.
  • Reduces dryness and increases micro-circulation, skin tone.
  • Provides healthy hair, nail, and gum.
  • Increase the collagen content inside the skin.
  • Makes your skin healthy and tone.
  • Decreases the hyaluronidase.

Improved joint health

  • Improve the joint strength.
  • Growth of healthy tissues.
  • Improve joint mobility and muscle tone.
  • Best for sports person for physical and mental performance.
  • Joints, Muscles ligaments get stronger.
  • Decreases the joint problem.


Collagen supplements are claimed to have a good amount of usefulness. It protects brain, heart, and gut health.  It also controls body weight and keeps hair and nails healthy. However, there’s little evidence to support these claims. Although these are potential and promising, more research is needed before arriving conclusion.