Coworking India 2016 Conference Starts From 9th September, 2016

Coworking India 2016 Conference

Coworking spaces in India
We are literally standing on the precipice of a work and business revolution. Given the last economic downturn, turmoil is changing how it works, interacts and prospers. Shared workspaces or co-working spaces are primed so that they are satellites of business resources, knowledge centers, and referral sources individual from established large corporations to small start-ups and solopreneurs. And also, more corporations are dropping their leased office space and real estate to be able to help to make themselves nimble in their holdings and also attractive, as new workforce co-working sites are creating desirable workspaces for these forms of corporations while still holding to their philosophy of building a community for their members. A neighborhood co-working space will offer a host of possibilities. Whether you need a private office, large worktable, a conference room, or just a cubicle to help you focus, you’ll find the right workspace for both growing your business.

Coworking India 2016 Conference Starts From 9th September, 2016

Do you have sound business ideas, creativity, passion or an amazing co-working space? Then try embracing a professional co-working style in quest of excellence. It will all work out just well! In India, co-working space is creating a start-up garage in everyone. In fact, it’s far better than working from home. Start-ups get an opportunity to stay specialized in the products they are building without bothering about the use of required supporting infrastructures. The concept has evolved and start-ups in Bangalore are finding more value in a co-working space rather than owning or renting a unique office space. The culture, though, is new in India. Start-ups here aren’t exposed to the hidden benefits of being co-capable. However, the growing start-up phenomenon in metro cities of India, and i.e. Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, has convinced entrepreneurs of this break. Co-working start-ups in Bangalore, like Bhive Workspace, are able to add a lot of value to the Indian start-up contemporary society. Regular mentorship programs, small-scale events, cross-platform discussion and working with most of the greatest minds of the sector has proved to be the perks of employees working in start-ups that are operational from such co-working spaces. 91Springboard at Delhi and Gurgaon, 9JCM at Gurgaon, Bangalore Alpha Lab at Bangalore, Bangalore Co-working Hub at Bangalore, Bombay Connect are typically the most popular ventures that are into the use of co-working buildings. More often than not, co-working spaces have 24×7 access to the world wide web. Also, tea, coffee, pantry, cafeteria and a lot more are available. One can benefit tremendously from the co-working spaces which is an authentic experience in itself. All you have to do is draft a schedule and do the same.

Coffee shops losing steam?
Probably. The days of wearing disheveled sweats slouching over laptops or having animated discussions over coffee about the next big idea may still carry on. But, with co-working hubs taking extra care to cultivate a creative atmosphere, cafes may just become old school. What makes these spaces a success are the leads you are likely to get just by sitting inside of lounge, hanging out in the poolside or simply playing chess with someone. You never know, you might be sharing a meal with a potential investor or crossing future partners in the hall. In spite of the attention given to the ambience, focus is never veered off from blueprints like uninterrupted connectivity, which includes a tech-friendly infrastructure, some feel that such establishments can merely benefit and further nurture this ecosystem.

Finding the right space
Today, the co-working sector is on the cusp of explosion, catering to a selection of industries through approach. And some, like Nasscom’s 10,000 Start-ups’ Warehouses, function similar to an incubation facility as well, mentoring entrepreneurs and hosting programs regularly. In order to make start-ups sustainable, it is important to involve large businesses in their growth story, and such programs further add more value to co-working spaces; mainly because these facilities are not necessarily exclusive for start-ups, provides participants the option of meeting someone who is established in their type of business. It thus gives them a regarding exposure, in addition to providing a space of their own to work out of. Some of these start-ups are quite creative, although may be pivoting to several stages of growth.

Working in sync

Working in sync
Based on a recent survey conducted by Deskmag, in 24 countries among 661 people, 70% of the co-workers are happy with the co-working spaces they work from. From some other surveys conducted about co-working spaces by organizations like Forbes, The bureau of Labour statistics, Deskmag , 90% of the people today who were surveyed felt confident and satisfied, 68% felt focused and 71% felt these people have enhanced their creative abilities. All these factors lead to a healthier and balanced life. These days when job satisfaction has become a major motivation for majority on the workforce, all these factors have not only helped co-workers but has also given the co-working industry an important confidence to invest more funds into this sector. Co-working is in its very initial stage in India and it’s rising amazingly fast, more than in any other countrurs. The simple reason may be the ease it conveys for upcoming start-ups. Not just ease, it also brings a lot of benefits which contribute towards the growth of start-ups in a positive way. In the initial stages, a start-up just wants to concentrate on idea, developing product, team building, testing, consumers etc, instead on things like office space, office workforce, registration address, mailing address and so on. Co-working comes into play. Co-working not only saves effort in setting up office, while you have a bigger network, you tend to get work done fast, get feedback fast and most importantly, grow even faster.

It’s about a community and not just about the space.
Even with the popularity of co-working spaces in India, there is a meaningful huge market which still does not even understand this concept. These probably are salesmen, home tutors, freelancers, small traditional businesses, artists, employees, writers and a whole lot more. When this concept become more well known, co-working is going to expand in a multi-fold in India.

It’s about a community and not just about the space

The co-working culture is certainly rapidly growing in India. There are many places in all the valuable cities in India which are shared by different start-ups and freelancers as their office. Many companies, individuals & builders typically run joint projects to develop more shared clinics and co-working spaces. Tier 2 cities are also joining this venture. Now, the most important dilemma arising is precisely to find the biggest co-working space which generally suits your needs in of terms of facilities, infrastructure, location and profit. Shared Office & Corp working Space in Singapore, Hong Kong, Delhi, and also Mumbai & Bangalore has saved the trouble here. Your entire family can search for co-working spaces according to the exact location, get the entire details with just one view and immediately catalogue it! Co-working is without a doubt growing rapidly in China and we are an ingredient of the revolution.

With an estimated 15 million freelancers operating within the country, India is second only to the United States in regards to the amount of active independent workers worldwide, making it the perfect environment for a new co-working industry to blossom. An estimated half a million people working in cocworking spaces are spread out amongst more than 7,800 locations worldwide. In India alone, hundreds of established coworking spaces are in operation. The number is growing rapidly, making it the perfect time for the leaders of the Indian co-working movement to gather and amplify the conversation. Co-working spaces are playing a vital role in supporting the development of the Start-up Nation that India is now, as they structure communities of local entrepreneurs locally.

All of these factors combined directly contribute to the growth of businesses, particularly in areas which are still in their developmental stages.

A Look at the September 9-10 2016 Initiatives of Coworking India 2016 Conference
Coworking India 2016 ConferenceThe “Coworking India Conference” program will help to rethink and rebuild the whole entrepreneurial biome system of India. Start-up Delhi, as a component of its February Edition, is designed to talk about whether the activity denotes the start of a good period. Nearly 20 speakers and specialists will impart their contemplations and best practices to a group of people made out of collaborating space administrators, office chiefs and also incubators, open improvement organizations, college students or start-ups.

  • The first version intends to interface and back the advancement of expert groups in accelerators, incubators, innovation hubs and, obviously, collaborating spaces inside the nation and beyond.
  • A two-day occasion committed to narrating, sharing best practices, co-creation workshops, distributed learning, conceptualizing new thoughts and, why not, develop and team up on new energizing activities.
  • An unusual chance to address directly to everyone on being identified with the collaborating model by sharing learning, examples of overcoming adversity and encounters experiences from the pioneers of the co-working industry.

A brief view on the day’s happenings
The day will begin with a discussion on ‘Global Co-working’ with some of India’s best development group empowering influences who are a part of the Coworking India meeting 2016 project: 91 Springboard, T¬Hub, Stirring Minds, Innov8, Collab House, NASSCOM, Jaarvis Accelerator, BHive, The August Fest, Stirring Minds.

  • Coworking India initiative will be an interesting chance to directly deliver all subjects identified with the collaborating model.
  • It will be a two-day occasion committed to narrating, dialogues, sharing of best practices, co¬creation workshops, distributed learning, conceptualizing new thoughts and obviously, the opportunity to develop and team up on new energizing ventures.
  • Getting a chance to come daily and work with other energetic people who have set out upon a trip same as yours is the key advantage of a co-working space, where inspiration and critical thinking comes free of expense.
  • Co-working India will pave the way for tectonic changes in our modern economies. The concept and values of coworking is shaping the patterns of change, therefore, it will help to mould you according to what the client expects as a start-up, dependably be prepared to grasp change.
  • A night loaded with music, drinks, and discussion will wrap up 2 days of moving talks and discussions, and yes there we have formal workshops. Co-working India is more than only a gathering. It’s energetic about cooperating, individuals and, obviously, one will cherish having a fabulous time!

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