Drone Start up Eminent Air Showcases India’s First Ever One-of-its-kind Drone with Parachute Integrated System

Maximum take-off weight of the drone is upto 35 kg | Parachute Integrated System in the drone enhances safety and reliability of the goods being delivered

One-of-it- kind drone with 'Parachute Integarated System'

New Delhi, Delhi, India | 31st January 2023: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are expected to play a significant role in changing the logistics industry in India, providing a fast and efficient way to deliver packages. Eminent Air, a drone start-up, that was founded with an aim to leverage drone technology to transform and revolutionize the logistics industry, added its first drone to its fleet. The company showcased its first ever, one of its kind drone, with parachute integrated system as part of an event to mark its inaugural flight.

The inaugural flight was part of a live demonstration that was conducted to highlight the capability and features of the drone. 

A complete custom-built design, the take-off weight of the unmanned aerial vehicle is upto 35 kg in a single pick up, and has a capability to do multiple drops. It can cover a maximum distance of over 60 kms in about 60 mins in a single mission, depending upon the load. The distance travelled by the drone is inversely proportional to the weight it carries. 

Eminent Air is uncompromising in its dedication to providing safety and, as a result, provides environmentally friendly transportation options with no carbon footprint. The drone comes with a “Parachute Integrated System” as part of this promise, which ensures safe and dependable delivery of items and eliminates any potential risk during the operation. The variable lifting capability of the drone allows it to carry payload in multiple configuration using multiple batteries. Furthermore, the payload compartment of the drone is equipped with an ‘Insulated Vaccine Carrier’ that keeps the temperature sensitive items like vaccines and medicines, safe.

Expressing delight on their first official showcase of the drone, Priyank Varshney, Founder and CEO of Eminent Air, said, “We are delighted to add and showcase our first drone. It is a special day as it marks our official entry into the world of drone deliveries that are poised to truly revolutionise the way transportation of goods are done in India.”

The much-needed government’s push has created a great opportunity for the world of drone deliveries. At Eminent Air, we would like to be a worthy partner to our Honourable Prime Minister’s vision to make India a global drone hub. We are on a mission to truly revolutionize the way goods and essentials are transported, and would like to operate safe and reliable transportation solutions. Our drones will be able to send supplies to far flung, unreachable areas, rugged mountains, to hospitals and to farmers.”

Eminent Air specializes in providing the safe and reliable transportation solutions for making the fastest, most efficient contact-free deliveries. It will offer services across the country to all the major states and districts.The industries that Eminent Air will service includes E-Commerce, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and Agriculture.