Education Metaverse Company, Edverse Launches World’s First Meta Classroom’

~ Giving a first-hand experience to school, Edverse brings new-age learning in a metaverse with its Immersive Live Academic Series ~

Education Metaverse Company, Edverse Launches World’s First Meta Classroom'

India | 21st December 2022: Edverse, education metaverse company has recently launched Edverse Meta Classroom. The platform is the world’s first virtual classroom designed to be used inside the Metaverse. It provides educators and learners with 3D visualizing and storytelling that creates an immersive environment for an unparalleled learning experience.

With Meta Classroom, educators and learners can connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world, bypassing physical boundaries and limitations. Learners get a more personalized experience by getting access to expert educators from around the world and eliminating the geographical barriers that can limit learning opportunities.

The classroom is designed to provide academic depth that is unlike anything available in the traditional classroom setting. The platform allows an opportunity to enter as lifelike avatars and learn in a simulated digital 3D classroom-like space. 

It offers interaction with 3D objects that can help students retain concepts better than just reading in a textbook or watching videos online. For example, students can dive into a magnified human cell to learn about its structure and function, explore the surface of the moon and study the stars, or sit at the bottom of the ocean and learn about mysterious sea creatures with classmates from all over the world.

Giving first-hand experience to schools, Edverse is providing free access to experience-based learning in a metaverse with its Immersive Live Academic Series. The first-of-its-kind enlightening live series that digs deeper into the themes of ‘Our Universe’ and ‘History of Civilization’ for classes 5 to 12 spanning across 4 weeks. The series is live from 15th December 2022 every day 7:00 pm onwards with a new topic introduced every Monday. Students will receive certification by Edverse on completion after 4 weeks. The certificate would signify their holistic learning of concepts in a metaverse. 

Edverse’s Meta Classroom is powered by a range of built-in tools and features to enhance the learning experience. These include interactive 3D models that can be accessed from Edverse’s massive 3D content library, seamless interactions between learners and educators, and performance-tracking capabilities that provide educators access to a comprehensive dashboard. 

The platform’s performance tracking feature enables educators with real-time analysis of each learner’s progress, allowing them to tailor their teaching to the needs of each individual learner. This personalized approach to learning can improve attention and retention rates, providing a holistic learning experience for students.

Live Academic Series

The application of these classrooms is virtually limitless. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including online conference rooms, hosting online competitions, and alumni meetups.

Mr Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder & CPO of Edverse, said, “Meta Classroom has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about education. By creating an immersive holistic learning environment, we can provide students with the opportunity to learn in a way that is more engaging, interactive, and fun and would help students with a better grasp and retention of concepts.”

Some of the essential features include:

  1. Four parallel screen views embedded with unique features such as – 
  • Topic and Description of the class, 
  • Any educational content shared during the class, such as PPTs, case studies, docs, or any reference material, 
  • 3D modules/ Screen share for educators to use this screen to display 3D models to explain any concept to the students, and
  • Whiteboard 
  1. Lesson planning tools that offer educators and learners to upload and download files
  2. Class recordings and transcripts
  3. Easy-to-use 3D asset library 
  4. In-class chat that eases and enhances seamless communication between educators and learners
  5. Features like a chat box, raise the hand, and mic is given to all the users so they can experience peer interaction and freely ask their questions to the educators

Over the past month, Edverse collaborated with 45+ schools in India, including Panchkula Saint Soldier Divine Public School, Sainik School from Chandrapur, The Green Field School, Supreme Academy and Children’s Well Academy from Neemuch, MP; Mother Athena School; and Vedaant Vidhyakulam School, Indore, MP. These collaborations with Edverse nurture the students with the upcoming trends of future learning and career perspectives. MoU with one of the best MBA universities in India, LM Thapar School Of Management, Dera Bassi Campus, Mohali, Punjab. In addition, the platform also stepped on partnerships with Institutions – ChefPassport and LivingOpera.

Edverse has been able to craft a telling market presence and has excited the metaverse community for the arrival of their pre-alpha version. The new-age education metaverse engages with the global population shaping the future of education.