Finkurve’s Forex Subsidiary to Launch Online Platform for Forex Purchase, Multi-currency Travel Cards, and Remittance Business


Finkurve’s forex subsidiary, an Authorised Dealer Category II (AD-II) accredited by RBI is all set to launch an online platform for purchase of foreign exchange currency notes for Indians travelling abroad for business and personal trips.

Besides this, the portal will also enable travellers to buy their multi-currency travel card which will have pre-loaded euros, dollars, pounds, yen and other such currency. Cards are becoming more and more popular now since they are safer than currency notes and are accepted worldwide. Finkurve’s cards will have the travellers’ name embossed for wider acceptability. A single multi-currency card can be used at multiple destinations and comes with several benefits such as protection against currency fluctuations, 24×7 access to funds, insurance coverage, global customer assistance & fund encashment on return.

Finkurve is also enabling its remittance business since it holds an authorised dealer 2 license whereby it can directly enable students to pay their fees abroad, travel agents to pay for their travel bookings abroad, etc. Technology will enable these services to be given to every retail customer at the click of a button. All currencies and cards will be delivered at the customer’s doorsteps.

Finkurve claims to provide this service at the best possible rates in the market. “We will pass on the advantages of wholesale rates to retail customers”, said Sangeeta Singh, Director of Finkurve Forex.

Additionally, the company has ventured into the business of money transfer. Many Indians are working far from their home city or country. Online remittance services by Finkurve forex will truly aid them in transferring money within minutes & that too within their comfort zone with simple usage & secure money transfer. Along with best currency exchange rates, 24×7 customer service and more importantly with no hidden charges.

From over 19 years, Finkurve’s forex subsidiary has been a successful leader in foreign exchange business across India. They have been effectively serving to wholesale, retail, travel and commercial foreign exchange necessities of corporate bodies, travel agents and individual private clients. The company also deals in import and export of all kinds of major currencies with all influential major players and banks in the international market.