Globus Infocom Launches Digital Board Solution to Create a Holistic Environment for Teaching and Learning

Globus Infocom Launches Digital Board Solution to Create a Holistic Environment for Teaching and Learning

New Delhi, September 2019: The Digital Board Solution is launched by Globus Infocom, a brand Make in India & one of the most reliable companies with a main focus on offering incredibly advanced technology solutions.

It is a pacesetter solution for sophisticated educational techniques intended to build a secure yet engaging instructional atmosphere by transmogrifying traditional pedagogical techniques with advanced technologies and customizations.

In order to develop a holistic teaching & learning atmosphere, the Digital Board solution is ideal for classrooms. This can also be used for an impactful and trouble-free presentation experience in training rooms, conference & seminar halls.

It fully equips the teacher to convert the traditional classroom into a mixed teaching & learning environment where the teacher can teach using the basics of traditional classrooms and also impart the Digital features & resources via Interactive flat panel display. It is equipped with a sophisticated & vandal-proof design that enhances the classroom’s smartness and also keeps it safe from damage if the teacher isn’t there.

USP Solution of the Digital Board:

  • Play and plug solution
  • 4K/2K resolution Display
  • Whiteboard & Interactive Flat Panel Display in one single unit
  • When not in use, the sliding whiteboard covers and locks the interactive flat panel display
  • IFPD comes with multi-touch Infra-Red technology
  • IFPD annotations are enabled
  • Built in Android with windows operating system
  • Support for Mini PC
  • Smart eye protection with brightness control
  • Eco friendly

This integrated solution involves Frame, Interactive Flat Panel Display, Multimedia Controller, Cabinet with System Audio (Mini PC, Visual Presenter, Biometric Access Device & Digital Clock), Power Backup with optional content for teaching. This is an innovative and effective solution for revolutionizing the teaching & learning era. A trailblazing solution, it is suitable for schools, universities, institutes of education, universities and institutes of training.