How Flora Fly Helped Poor Slum Women Community To Rise And Shine


When we see world with eyes of the poor and needy people, we felt that how difficult is to earn three meals a day. Flora Fly is an initiative by Jyotii Verma to help poor and needy women and help them earn for themselves and for the family.

Flora Fly – Shelter for Poor and Helpless Women
Let us read an emotional read story of transformations of many women who are thriving under the umbrella of Flora Fly.  Many women like Akabari Bano used to wake in the morning with almost nothing home to eat, rather home it was old thatched roof that can fall during heavy rains. Just then Jyotii came across that community and saw their pitiful conditions that diminishing health due to no food and no money and almost a family to feed.

Jyotii felt sad and wanted to find some solution that will help them and be independent. It will also cater the family needs. She spends endless hours in the slum community by understanding problems of the women and always had meal with them. Though poor, they have heart of gold, and feed her with they eat, usually accompany of small rice potion and bowl of plain lentils as it all they can afford the best.

Understanding The Needs Of Slum Community Women
Soon, Jyotii try to crave an artist through them, like she understood someone has knowledge of basic beauty palour, so she helped her to groom those skills. With her team of experts, Jyotii also guided them through the women hygiene programme and also gave them small training course of how to run the small business like shops and beauty palours.  After the understanding the community, she helped those women to open their small business under the roof of Flora Fly.

Jyotii Verma, Founder – Flora Fly Pvt Ltd

Now, more than 30 women are successfully running small business under Laghu Udyog Scheme and Jyotii feels content when she see the happy and smiling faces of Akabari Bano, Kusum and many other women workers under this scheme.

Now many poor community women want to join Flora Fly and start to earn their living, help Flora Fly to set up small laghu udyog business for women.