How sales training programs of this startup are making an impact on corporates

A Sales Training Company increase Sales Growth by training your Sales Team - Yatharth Marketing Growth Story

How this startup makes an impact on corporates with its sales training programs

Organisations were suffering due to their outdated sales techniques by the year 2014. Many Organizations had even shut down because of its drastic dip in sales. Organisations had to update their Sales techniques and Selling ideas. For that, they needed good Sales training companies. Most Sales training companies offer basic Sales training. Basic Sales training is not at all helpful, especially if an organisation is on the verge of shutting down.

Yatharth Marketing Growth Story
Mr. Mihir Shah – CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solutions

That is when Yatharth Marketing Solutions was founded in the year 2014 to fight the devastating problems of Sales. It was founded by its CEO, Mr. Mihir Shah. However, his career started much before then even thinking about starting his own Sales Training Organisation.

Mr. Mihir Shah decided it was time. He opened Yatharth Marketing to help organisations reach their sales goals with ease. Yatharth Marketing solutions came up with the idea of giving customized sales training. Unlike other Sales training companies, YMS wanted to offer a different approach to Sales training.

Who is Mihir Shah?
Mihir Shah has been in the sales industry from a young age. He worked for about seven years as a Sales manager for a few organisations from the fortune 500. He was an outstanding example of how to sell even as a manager. He helped as a sales trainer in organisations like Google, Tally Solutions Private Limited, Merck & Co., Maxxis Rubber India PVT LTD, Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co, NCC Limited, Eastmane Global, Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra Insurance Broker, Nirma PVT LTD, Videocon, NextEducation India PVT LTD, VIVO India PVT LTD, Xerox, and many more.

Ever since he quit being a senior sales manager and opened Yatharth Marketing Solutions he has been a leading force in Sales Training. He had won multiple awards for his outstanding contribution in the sales industry.

Mihir Shah - CEO, Yatharth Marketing Solutions

Even today though he has set up a whole sales training organisation, he himself gives training sessions. He is also a Sales consultant and trains individuals for personality development. Basically, if you want any sales consultation, he is the best person to consult.

What held them back?
All organisations face obstacles in the beginning. The same way, YMS’s first obstacle was, they were focusing on a customized, product-based Sales Training. The problem here was that they missed out on a lot of clients because they did not have knowledge about all products and services.

This caused a slow start in the business and they knew they had to make changes as soon as possible. Another obstacle that followed up was that the client companies wanted Sales recruitment as well. YMS does give sales recruitment but only to long term clients.

Yatharth Marketing Logo

When did the BreakThrough happen?
So at the start of the business days, YMS had a plan of what they wanted to do but they did not know how to execute their Sales training techniques. That’s when the breakthrough finally happened. They hired Quality sales trainers so that they could provide quality sales training to their sales trainer. Now, these Sales trainers were Giving Sales training but using the sales ideas of YMS.

This step had finally brought in way more clients than earlier. After this YMS really did not have to look back and now they are the #1 Sales training company in the country.

Their sales training structure of giving Customized Sales training is well suited to their clients. This customized sales training structure has helped boost the sales of their clients.

How is Yatharth Marketing different from other Sales training companies?
So as mentioned above, other Sales training companies were not doing a satisfying job. Therefore, Mihir Shah decided to bring up something different.

The different sales training given by Yatharth Marketing is that they offer a customized structure of sales training. Not only Sales training but also Sales consultancy, leadership enhancement, Personality development skills, Entrepreneur development, etc.

How is Yatharth Marketing different from other Sales training companies

YMS does a complete study of the product that your organisation is selling. Not only the product but also the Organisation as a body is studied by YMS. With general sales training what happens is that there will be minimal effects in your sales results. What YMS offers will show you a drastic change in your sales results.

Customized sales training gives your sales employees a direct connection with your product. They don’t have to re-apply their Sales training knowledge to the selling process.

Customized sales training

It’s not all about on-ground sales training, YMS even offers online sales training seminars. These sales training seminars are more for individuals rather than Corporate organisations.

This is because the on-ground sales training is a little expensive. The hard work and customization process is what makes the on-ground sales training expensive. Whereas online sales training is more of a general sales training for which moderate rates are charged.

Now the coolest thing about YMS’s sales training is that they conduct roleplay. For e.g., They will make one your sales employee as a salesman and they will ask him to sell your product to their sales trainer. So during the process, Mr. Mihir Shah guides the salesperson and informs him about the changes he needs to make in his selling technique. This causes a learning process for the other sales team members and even the salesperson learns how to improve on his selling techniques.

After reading this you surely must have understood what makes their Sales training program so special and different. There is also an emotional touch to this because Yatharth Marketing Solutions comes from Yatharth shah. Yes, the company was named after Mihir shah’s son. This just shows that it’s not just business here, there is humanity involved too.

Even as an employee working for Yatharth Marketing, it is a blessing. Workflow is not rushed as the company’s main aim is to provide quality sales service to the client Companies.

Who are their CLIENTS?
Well if you talk about clients and how successful YMS’s clients are, then you will get a positive reply. From the time they started up until now, they have made whooping progress. Once their clients joint hands they never wished to fall out of business with YMS.

They have been giving sales training to some of the big names. Some of their clients are: Amazon. In, Tally, Mahindra finance, Addo Platinum, Procter& Gamble, Aditya Birla Group, NCC, Girnar, Saregama Carvaan, Eastman Industries, Maxxis tires, Align connect, VIVO and many more.

How this startup makes an impact on corporates with its sales training programs

One of their biggest clients is Tally. They have not only provided Sales training for Tally but have also given them Tally training. YMS has also helped Tally with recruitment. While the other big organisations have been extremely satisfied with the sales training programs provided by YMS. If you do wish to just glance at the reviews of the clients you can check the Testimonial page on the YMS website.

So one thing is for sure that the mission is being accomplished. A Mission to improve Sales via Sales training has been helping companies over the years. Mihir Shah would obviously be happy but he is still not satisfied as he says, “When better is possible, Good is not enough”.

Years ago the seed of better sales training that was planted has finally given its fruits. Yatharth Marketing today is known as the #1 sales training Organisation of the country. It’s not only just personal achievement but even the client companies have reached peaks of success. So definitely if Mihir Shah is asked, ‘ Is he satisfied with his hard work and the risk he had taken years ago?’ I am sure he would answer that he still wants to do more. You can expect that answer coming from him because of the ever-striving person he is.

What is the future sight?
Now after already achieving so much success there is still a future goal. As of now, the Yatharth Marketing solution was focused more on providing sales and support to Corporate organisations. The future goal is to provide Sales training to Individuals as well.

The reason why it has taken so long to reach the Individuals is because of the pricing. Now YMS has come with a new technique of providing Sales Training to individuals. They have planned a monthly sales training seminar, which will be at a much lower price than the Corporate sales training prices. You could say they are taking a 10 times lower dip in their pricing in their individual pricing.

With this even individuals can take benefits and improve on selling techniques. YMS also looks to offer 3-month support to individuals once they receive a sales training session.

Where do you get to know in detail about them?
If you do wish to know more about them, you can check their website out

The website has all the details like sales training services, individual sales training services, Personality development training, pricing details, media kit, etc.

Now the most amusing thing about YMS is that they have been very open about their pricing on their website. There is nothing to hide and that actually builds good customer relations.

Other than the website they have their own Twitter handle by the name Yatharth Marketing Solutions. They also have an Instagram account by the username

By the end of it all, it is a clear picture that YMS has had a tough start but today there at the top of the sales training pyramid. There is no doubt that they have been an inspiration to many other sales training companies. Well if you too are inspired by the story do drop in your views in the comment section.