How This Faridabad-based Startup Backed by Amazon-SPN Programme is Helping Sellers Become Online

Amazon is dominating the e-commerce industry worldwide and surpassing all its opponents, With the Amazon SPN initiative, this entrepreneur from Faridabad is helping bridge seller capability gaps in the new digital economy which is the prime motto of this programme. Navus IT Services, Founded by Ratan Sharma in 2017 is an Amazon empanelled third party service provider’s network which is helping sellers with everything needed to be successful on the Amazon marketplace and holding hands with every step of selling online. “We got a chance to work for sellers after rounds of qualification and training sessions. Since our association with ASPN, our revenue has multiplied. Right from new business leads to execution, Amazon teams have helped us at every stage, empowering us to help hundreds of sellers” he adds.

From L to R: Mr. Sumit Baruah (Business development Manager), Mr. Neeraj Singh (Digital Marketing Manager), Mr. Tej Singh (COO), Mr. Ratan Sharma CEO, Mr. Sachin Sharma (TL) & Mr. Amit Sharma (Sr. TL)
From L to R: Mr. Sumit Baruah (Business development Manager), Mr. Neeraj Singh (Digital Marketing Manager), Mr. Tej Singh (COO), Mr. Ratan Sharma CEO, Mr. Sachin Sharma (TL) & Mr. Amit Sharma (Sr. TL)

Selling on amazon woos every seller as it is one of the biggest four IT companies; and Amazon has put in place to enable millions of sellers in the country to take advantage of the fast growing ecommerce industry. But for sellers who are not online savvy or constrained by time & expertise to start or manage their online sales channel Amazon SPN comes as a rain in desert. The owner was an employee in an IT company but always dreamt of doing something different.” This is when our collaboration with Amazon on 23rd March, 2017 marked the start of our journey and today there’s no looking back”, says the young CEO of Navus.

In the last 2 yrs., Company is been trained on Amazon systems and processes, Navus has seen a significant growth within a short span. It started with a team of just 4 people and today it proudly announces to have an in-house team of 100+ Amazon-trained marketplace professionals with Direct and round-the clock communication with Entire Amazon team. It is offering comprehensive and one-stop services to the sellers like Advertisement optimization, Cataloguing (Product listing) and Boost (Reviews and Account Management). Be it setting up a storefront on Amazon, running deals on low-selling items, empowering the top-selling items or negotiating with Amazon officials regarding seller’s problems, Navus is always a call away for every task related to Amazon marketplace.

How This Faridabad-based Startup Backed by Amazon-SPN Programme is Helping Sellers Become Online

After becoming an Amazon’s Service Provider Network it is empowered to serve 600+ clients and number growing daily with an array of clients with broad range of GMS (even 0) reaching new heights (even INR 1 Cr+ per month). The fair and affordable pricing policies of the company to the sellers with Guarantee and impromptu-services makes it stand out from the fellow SPNs and today it proudly serves the largest client-base. With Amazon’s in-depth knowledge and training there’s no reason to stop at geographic boundaries, Navus has started rendering services to 100+ international (USA, UK, CA & AU) clients with some sellers registered from UAE as well. This SPN program has inculcated employment opportunities to the digitally-trained youth as well and the expansion plans are to render services to more US marketplace sellers and work 24×7 in the next 6-months.

The growth of the company can be attributed to the unanimous and consistent guidance of Amazon team which is working aggressively to reach more consumers in this rapidly evolving segment.” Various clients issues and escalations creeping in and It was bit difficult for me to tackle these properly; here again Amazon backed us and suggested us to set up a complete support department and structure in the company and helped in resolution and smooth working”, says Ratan.

The Company today has a well-defined organizational structure enforcing a systematic process that would enable information to flow through the organizational layers (Account manager to TL to Super TL and the management) for better decision-making, and goals alignment. Every Customer service is backed by a competent Support department where clients can escalate their concerns and the query is transferred to the concerned department and everyone has a clear idea of their accountability.

Amazon SPN programme
Amazon SPN programme

Amazon SPN programme has really designed and defined the Ratan’s destiny where he could dream bigger and grow exponentially. This operational excellence is the result of prime support from Amazon at each and every small step. The company now may offer support for Amazon Seller Flex Services; in which some sellers are selected and their warehouses are used to store products and tagged as FBA. The future plans of expansion are quoted by him as “This is but one aspect of the company’s 360 degree operations that we are planning to expand in near future, we are in conversation with some such sellers and working internally to materialize it soon, but it is not possible without Amazon . The success story of Navus is an inspirational story for someone with an entrepreneurial mind who one day hopes to launch a business can join the Amazon’s SPN program and can dream big with sincerity and dedication simultaneously working for the society at large in terms of employment and helping people GO DIGITAL.

More details about this startup:
Name of Startup:
Navus IT Services
Key members:
Mr. Ratan Sharma, CEO & Mr. Tej Singh, COO.
Launch Date: 23rd March, 2017
Location: Faridabad, Haryana, India