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How often have we sat through math classes and wished the topics were made more interesting and engaging? How often have we wished complex concepts were broken down in simple and understandable terms? Smartivity, the do-it-yourself range of products aims to make STEM concepts simple and easy to understand for children.

The company is an innovative start-up which offers kids with an exceptional way of learning. Smartivity enables the perfect amalgamation of the physical and digital world to be enjoyed by children across the country. The idea is to create innovative products that offer a comprehensive understanding of STEM concepts to kids, teaching them practical applications, while also being fun.

A cut above the rest, Smartivity’s products goes a long way in shaping a child’s mind to think creatively and positively, thus ensuring overall personal and academic growth. They have set a benchmark in the Industry via their innovative offerings. The S.T.E.M., Augmented reality and Virtual reality-based educational kits are designed around fundamental principles from the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Their offering includes Odd-Even Shooting Game & Triple Fun Combinator, which introduces players to STEM concepts of the lever mechanism, odd-even numbers and force probability.

These DIY boxes are designed around fundamental scientific principles and their real-world applications. Kids can put together the building parts — made out of high quality and re-engineered wood, as per instructions in the booklet that explains the scientific principles behind each activity or creation. Each Smartivity STEM construction toy ensures screen-free, immersive engagement for 1-4 hours and inculcate children with the confidence to make things with their hands.

About the products:

Odd-Even Shooting Game
The concept of Odd and Even numbers are one of the integral pillars of Mathematics, and now with the Smartivity Odd Even Shooting DIY Toy, children can learn all about it in this fun aim and shooting game! After building this STEM DIY Learning Educational toy, kids have to carefully Aim and shoot the balls into the columns to mark them either as Odd or Even! This is a fun turn-by-turn game in which Players compete to fill the columns toward their chosen Peg and can even choose to block the other player using a special Finisher! This game introduces players to STEM concepts of Lever Mechanism, Odd-Even Numbers and Force.

Odd Even Shooting Game

Age group: 6+ years
:: Construction / Engagement: 100 minutes
:: Play Time: Infinite

Triple Fun Combinator
The Smartivity Triple Fun Combinator DIY game uses a random-sequence-generator machine like those used in slot machines to instruct players to achieve their objectives. One flick of the switch and off you go! You never know what you will get! Your child can use the combinator to play various games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Cricket. This STEM DIY Learning-Educational toy introduces players to concepts of Probability and Randomness.

Triple Fun Combinator

Age group: 8+ years
:: Construction / Engagement: 120 minutes
:: Play Time: Infinite

Visit to know more. You can also read an interview with Mr. Tushar A Amin – Co-founder, CMO/CSO/CCO of Smartivity