Hyderabad Startup Cellestial E-Mobility raises $200k; To Launch Electric Mobility Vehicles

Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder Promoter of Cellestial E-Mobility
Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder Promoter of Cellestial E-Mobility

Hyderabad, India, 23 July 2019: Hyderabad based startup Cellestial E-Mobility is geared up to tap into the promising current generation E-Vehicles market. The company is in the advance stage of developing Electric Tractors, with longest battery life in the market.

Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder Promoter of Cellestial E-Mobility
Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder Promoter of Cellestial E-Mobility

The Hyderabad based company launched business operations in May this year armed with an initial funding of $200,000. The first round of investment has come from Angel Investor, Meka Sudhakar Reddy , a Singapore based NRI with over 18 years of expertise in Logistics Spacing.

“We are readying to roll out the first prototype in the next 1 month,” Siddhartha Durairajan, Founder Promoter of Cellestial E-Mobility said, explaining the features of the tractor Siddhartha, pointed out the e-mobility invention is a zero-emission ecological tractor apt for horticultural or greenhouse works or moving goods within factories, and vehicle to Haul luggage in airports.

The startup is cheery about the market potential, as EV transition presents unmet opportunity for Indian manufacturers with all the major cities already faced with severe traffic congestion and increasing pollution levels. India needs to tap into new mobility solutions, and Electric mobility will be a significant constituent of this mobility revolution. It is also attractive for a number of eco-reasons.

Cellestial has a capacity to build 100 e-mobility heavy vehicles, and has the capability to create more volume if the consumption for its product grows.

Creating further excitement in the market is Government eagerness to introduce electric vehicles, rapidly decreasing battery costs, technological, advances in charging infrastructure, innovative business models, the influx of smart digital technologies, as well as green, policies and subsidies.

According to industry estimates by 2030, as many as 40% of new vehicles sold in India, approximately 24 million, could be battery powered. The number of EVs sold in India in 2030 is expected to exceed the aggregate number of vehicles sold in India in 2016, pegged around 22 million.

The leadership team at Cellestial E-Mobility consist Siddhartha Durairajan, with Engineering Design Expertise with over 20 years of new age industry experience, Syed Mubasheer Ali with 16 years of expertise in Battery manufacturing, Vinod Moudgil having over 30 years of expertise in Tractor Manufacturing, and Midhun Kumar has over 15 years of Casting, Machining and Fabrication Expertise.