iAugmentor Labs invests in Volunteer4India – An online volunteering marketplace for Students & Youth

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iAugmentor Labs LogoGurgaon, 26th Oct,2016: iAugmentor, a technology-enabled learning platform, has invested in Volunteer4India, an online aggregator for brand sponsored Social causes, NGOs and student/youth/employee volunteers. Volunteer4India (V4I) harnesses the energy of new millennial volunteers through a technology (Web/Mobile App) enabled volunteering platform. It connects them to Corporates wishing to execute their cause marketing mandates, Colleges who wish to encourage their students to apply their academic knowledge on real-world challenges, and NGOs requiring operational and execution support for their projects & Government initiatives.

This platform allow volunteers to sign up for real-world projects initiated by Brands, as part of their cause marketing programs – thus providing practical insights and exposure to operational, on-ground issues. This complements iAugmentor’s vision of enhancing employability for India’s youth – through projects that are operationally challenging, socially gratifying and which enhance their social media profile for future career payoffs. By making volunteering cool, accessible, fun – youth learn by doing, and in the process derive pride through association with social initiatives of Brands they respect.

Volunteer4India LogoThis is a step further for iAugmentor, with a stated mission of bridging the employability gap – , arming today’s youth with career-ready skill sets. This investment will further iAugmentor’s vision to build Classrooms without walls and provide a window to real world issues and practical applications of academic knowledge. Such activities also develop essential values and skills that Corporates value – including leadership skills, teamwork, communication, and empathy.
iAugmentor sets the benchmark for the education sector by providing a comprehensive and interactive platform that goes beyond the brick and mortar concept of education, choosing unique virtual modes for through augmented skill-based learning.

Commenting on this development, Sameer Sikka, Chief Learning Officer, iAugmentor said, “Through this strategic investment, iAugmentor moves closer to actualizing its vision of “Universities of the Future” and furthering its employability agenda. Volunteer4India complements iAugmentor’s tech-enabled, AI driven platform with exposure for youth to learning derived through operational exposure & leadership experience in solving real world problems.”

Ranjoy Dey, CEO of Volunteer4India
Ranjoy Dey, CEO of Volunteer4India

Welcoming this development, Ranjoy Dey, CEO of Volunteer4India commented, “We see iAugmentor’s strategic investment into Volunteer4India as a validation of the importance of exposure to real-world problems, industry insights, hands-on operational exposure as well as on-project mentorship in enhancing employability”
About iAugmentor iAugmentor is a pioneering technology enabled learning platform, bringing together technology, human intervention and a whole gamut of learning activities under one roof with the intention of making learning more effective, intimate and accountable. It was founded in 2016, and is a brain child of Arindam Sen, Ankit Ruia, Pratik Marwah, Sameer Sikka and Sarvagya Mishra.

The company designed a first-of-its-kind learning platform giving access to a personalized mentor to every individual who desires to learn to augment (increase/enhance) his skill sets to achieve his potential. The assessment based learning tool is a Personalized and Adaptive medium that intuitively suggests a learning roadmap to an individual as per the learning tendencies, learning competencies and learning proclivities of the individual, constantly tracking progress as well.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company has achieved great success within a short span in India. They have also established a presence in the international markets and started operations in Egypt by associating with Cairo University.

About Volunteer4India
Volunteer4India is an online platform for individuals to join in to find opportunities and participate in CSR & other Volunteering activities for Social causes, brought together with Brands & NGOs. Through its fun-filled, convenient, near-location Volunteering activities, V4I enables students to get skilled in essential traits such as leadership skills, teamwork, communication, and empathy. They provide aggregation, advice, advocacy, resources and recognition for individuals and organizations involved in volunteering.