How IIT Career is helping IITians in landing their dream job?

Rohit Singh (left) Ranjana Singh (right), Co-Founder of IIT Career

Landing a job is always a difficult, mundane and time taking task even for a candidate from a Premier institute like IITs. We all know that the number of IITs in India has increased in the last few years. In 2007, there were 7 IITs and the number has gone up to 23 in the last few years till date. More are yet to come. Also, the number of students per institute has increased, resulting in an inflow rush of engineers into the market.

Rohit Singh (left) Ranjana Singh (right), Co-Founder of IIT Career

Every IITian wishes for an Off Campus Training and Placement cell while searching for a job so that he/she can secure a job easily.

To make life easier for them, Ranjana Singh and Rohit Singh have come up with a solution for this increasing day by day and long persisting problem. IIT Career is a job portal for iitians which works through job fairs held on regular basis. IIT Career vision is to become Off campus training and placement cell for all IITs.

Now, instead of running around searching for jobs with files and folders filled with degree and certificates, an IITian can now pace up the same process by showing up at a single venue.

IIT Career LogoThe ways in which IIT Career is going to alter the process of job searching are:

  1. A more productive and time saving process, both for the company and student point of view.
  2. The chances of getting the desired job is relatively much higher since companies with different requirements, offering different perks and packages would be present at one place.
  3. Will use technology to ease up the whole recruitment process by providing:
    1. Resume management
    2. Interview scheduling
    3. Auto apply functionality
    4. Upload & forget module
    5. Reference check
    6. Feedback mechanism
    7. Career Guidance
    8. Interview preparation
    9. Interview Assessment platform

And much more…

About the Co-founders of
Ranjana Singh , MBA – HR, have 3+ years of experience in recruitment and have won various excellence awards in HR domain. Whereas, Rohit Singh, IIT Delhi Alumnus, have 5+ years of experience in Software Development.

Both are successfully running a bootstrapped venture named InnovED Global – India’s First IIT Advance Online Test Series, which has already gained early clients & revenue and shown remarkable results in its pilot run.