imd1 Announces On-boarding of India’s Fastest Skater Nikhilesh Tabhane

India's fastest skater and Shiv Chhatrapati awardee Nikhilesh Tabhane.
India's fastest skater and Shiv Chhatrapati awardee Nikhilesh Tabhane.

Mumbai, 9th October 2018: imd1 (I Am The 1), is an offering by Aidia Technovations Private Limited (Mumbai & Pune based startup) that is working on co-curricular marketplace for MADS (Music, Art, Dance and Sports). imd1 is a unique combination of brick & mortar and digital. It uses best of the both to connect all stakeholders with one of its kind technologies and providing quality services in MADS vertical. As part of its initial plan to widen its reach, company is associating with legends who are flag bearers of the respective co-curricular in India. One such personality is Shiv Chhatrapati awardee Nikhilesh Tabhane. He is Asian Bronze Medallist and India’s fastest skater. He has also started his own Skating academy Nikhilesh Tabhane Skates World (NTSW) in India and globally, in Columbia- a country which is main hub for skating and Kenya. NTSW has also tied up with the biggest skating club of Casanare, Club Patin Yopal. He has been training thousands of budding skaters across the world. imd1 is pleased to announce the on-boarding of Nikhilesh Tabhane as a “Legend” for its Skating and related offerings.

India's fastest skater and Shiv Chhatrapati awardee Nikhilesh Tabhane.
India’s fastest skater and Shiv Chhatrapati awardee Nikhilesh Tabhane.

Commenting on this association, Jigish Sonagara, founder & CEO of Aidia Technovations said, “imd1 aspires to change the coaching and more for MADS (Music, Art, Dance & Sports) at grassroots level in India. Skating is one of the most widely accepted sport in urban India. We wanted someone as a Legend who is not only best of the class but also has zeal for imparting coaching with fine technicalities of the sport. And Nikhilesh Tabahne was our first and only choice. He truly embodies the brand traits of imd1 and we feel fortunate that he believes in our thoughts and brand values. He will be endorsing skating on our platform and enlighten million budding skaters through his knowledge and experience.”

Talking about this association, Nikhilesh Tabhane, said “I am absolutely elated to associate with imd1 and contribute for skating which is my life. I am sure that imd1, with its various initiatives will address all the pain points of co-curricular marketplace especially for skating. We are confident that India will achieve much more on all forms of Skating in time to come with imd1 international standard curriculum and more”.