IMS Noida Organized International E-conference

Guidance for the new condition after COVID-19 and Pledge to build a self-sustainable economy


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India | 27th June 2020: Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida organized a two-day international E-conference on Guidance for the new and normal condition after COVID-19 and Pledge to build a self-sustainable economy. The two days International E-Conference was attended by various eminent personalities including, Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna, Former Director of AICTE, Prof. Wayne Bata University of Florida (USA), Chairman of Vision Digital India, Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, Prof. (Dr.) Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, IIM Indore professor T.V Tyagarajan, President IMS Noida Rajeev Kumar Gupta, and Senior Director IMS Noida, Dr. Kulneet Suri was also present.

Delivering the audience Prof. (Dr.) Rana Singh said that the present time is a paradigm shift for the Indian education system. There will be big changes in the policy of the Indian education system in the coming time. At present, we are also seeing changes like work from home for teachers. It is also a fact that the use of technology in education is resulting in different concepts in the system, for instance, the move from teacher-centric education to student-centric education. As a teacher, all of us should welcome this change.

On the second day IIM Indore Professor T.V Tyagarajan Referring to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the service sector, he said by giving priority to automation and innovation, we can improve and facilitate the customer experience and also discussed 7P of Marketing and Services. On the other hand, Tushar Pandey, while discussing agriculture and financial services, said that the present time is a blessing in disguise for us. In the coming time, Indian agriculture industries will get a boost due to COVID.