Indian Startup Tvarit Secures €5M Funding for AI-Powered Sustainable Metal Manufacturing in Germany

Rahul Prajapat, an IIT Bombay alumni (Right), Suhas Patel, a serial entrepreneur (Left)
Rahul Prajapat, an IIT Bombay alumni (Right), Suhas Patel, a serial entrepreneur (Left)

Tvarit, a startup based in Frankfurt, is dedicated to achieving zero-waste manufacturing. Recently, the company secured funding from Momenta, Futury Capital, and Matterwave Ventures to develop AI-powered, waste-free, and energy-efficient metal manufacturing processes. According to the World Economic Forum, industrial waste accounts for half of all waste generated worldwide, and manufacturing is the largest contributor to this waste stream. Tvarit estimates that the metals industry loses Euro 160 billion annually.

Tvarit focuses on improving metal manufacturing processes like casting, hot forming, and welding. The company has developed a hybrid AI solution that is the first of its kind. This solution combines deep domain knowledge of metal processing with data-driven AI to provide accurate and continuous recommendations and insights that help machine operators improve productivity.

Founded in 2019 by Rahul Prajapat, an IIT Bombay alumnus, and Suhas Patel, a serial entrepreneur based in Germany, Tvarit Industrial AI can reduce manufacturing quality defects (scrap) by 50% and lower energy costs by up to 30%. This is significant for the metal industry because its profit margins range from 5-8%. Tvarit’s technology can help increase profit margins and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of metal manufacturing processes, which are known for being energy-intensive.

Rahul Prajapat, Founder and Managing Director at Tvarit, “Metal manufacturing shop floors are very complex.” Even in state-of-the-art machineries, there are multiple settings which require adaptation dynamically, to achieve the highest productivity/profitability and sustainability. AI based self-learning systems can learn these dynamic patterns much more effectively as compared to traditional physics-based simulation approaches. “AI is the only way to eliminate waste on the shop floor.

Ken Foster, Executive Director at lead investor Momenta, “Manufacturers in Europe are dealing with the dual challenges of the energy transition and carbon neutral goals.” Tvarit’s AI tools enable them to do both, driving precision manufacturing techniques to help maintain their global competitive advantage. Momenta is proud to lead the investment round in a company that is driving such “Industry 5.0” outcomes.

According to Tvarit’s founders, Momenta’s strategic network, value creation expertise, and deep experience gained over three decades of investing in rapidly growing digital industry companies will accelerate Tvarit’s journey to make metal manufacturing zero-waste and more sustainable.

Benjamin Krahmer, Managing Partner at Futury Capital, “We have been fortunate enough to invest with our early-stage fund in Tvarit`s early days. With Tvarit´s recent significant growth, its superior AI, and its deep industry know-how, we are excited to further invest with our Growth Fund, enabling Tvarit to accelerate even stronger.

Robert Gallenberger, Partner at Matterwave Ventures, “We are excited to welcome sector specialist Momenta and the growth fund of Futury Capital to the shareholder group. Our strong follow-on investment demonstrates our commitment to support Tvarit on its journey to build the future of metal manufacturing.”

This investment will accelerate Tvarit’s technology development and global presence.