Indian tech firm Banaras developed app for UK’s Fintech Company


New Delhi | 28th April 2020: Indian tech experts are proving with time that “Make in India” is not just a name but a legacy that is carried in India and worldwide. A group of three techies from Uttar Pradesh helped the UK’s Fintech firm Travel Welfare. The group helped the company develop the app at record time of one month according to the brief and specifications requested by Travel Welfare Ltd UK.

Ritesh Tiwari, Amresh Sharma and Vikas Mishra teamed up to develop the app for Travel Welfare Limited which is fintech start-up in the UK. The latter caters to around 15 different airlines around the globe for digital compensation to passengers. The team developed a mobile app called ‘Welfare Balance’ for the airline passengers so that they can check the balance of their VISA powered mag stipe card when their flights are delayed and they are waiting at airport. 

Mr. Dave Mills, Director, Travel welfare Ltd UK said that “We were looking for this kind of app based solution from a long time and had given contract to multiple companies in Australia and UK but they were unable to deliver the app as per our requirement. I am really impressed with what Ritesh and team has delivered to us and it is really solving our problem.”

The app is currently used at 169 airports on four continents globally and is popular among passengers of quite a few airlines like Easyjet, TUI, Qantas, Air Asia etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Ritesh Tiwari, said, “We have done an extensive R&D while developing the app, so that there it utmost security parameters. As the app has been developed to check balance for airlines passengers across countries, we have very carefully used high protective security model to protect the app from security breach. We are happy that we have been able to develop the app within a very short span of time adhering to the requirements for the app. We hope that the entrepreneur fraternity can make India shine on a global scale.”

The app is not only limited to passengers but also there is also a use case for retailers to use this app as now retailers are powered with a mechanism through which they can check the balance on the customers card and tell them what is left on the card and what needs to be paid in cash.

Explore Banaras Techno Pvt Ltd. Is a start-up in tech space. The company has already raised angel funding of INR 1 crores. The company has done few remarkable projects for the firms like Goonj, Swiipr London . Centre for Health and Social Justice in Delhi and Ensygnia Ltd along with Travel Welfare.