An insight on Steel Suppliers for SMEs in India

An insight on Steel Suppliers for SMEs in India

Steel Industries in India needs no special introduction. Its growth and contribution to Indian economy is totally unbelievable. Over the past few decades, this industry is consistently growing. It stands alone even after facing plethora of hurdles and global recessions. According to one study, India has produced almost 40 million metric tons of steel in the year 2015. Isn’t it amazing?? The statistics itself depicts its value and its growth rate in the country.

An insight on Steel Suppliers for SMEs in IndiaBut what makes this growth possible? The answer is simple; its suppliers and producers make it possible. Steel Industry is operating a large and small scale and, therefore, the suppliers are endless but still some of them are giants of this area that supplies the steel at their fullest.

Details about Power2SME:
Have you heard about Power2SME? Of course, you do. Do you know it is the first buying club for the Indian SMEs? Its headquarters are in Gurugram but its offices spread across the country. They deal with the raw materials such as steel, polymers, chemicals, metals and a lot more. Started in the year 2012, it is set up with the mission to empower SMEs and to contribute maximum to the country’s growth.

What make them successful?

Their quality
Needless to mention, that quality is the thing which can make you or can destroy you. Gone are the days when brand name is everything and people become fool with the same; as now is the time when quality comes first and then brand name and other factors. The quality of the product that Power2SME provides is totally unbeatable. It is the main reason of its growing popularity. That time is not far when it will be considered the top notch steel supplier of the country.

Their Price
Good quality and least price is the best combination ever that is demanded by the customer. The prices at which they are offering their product are totally beyond expectations. At such a low and affordable price, the quality of material is so high and this is really something distinguishable. Power2SME provides these raw materials at very economical price range and that is the basic reason of their growing development as well as revenue.

Their Staff
Nothing can be possible without those hardworking staff members. Really, the staff is the backbone of any company which makes the company’s growth possible. Power2SME always appreciate their staff members and consider them as the reason of their growth. This company has professionals with a lot of passion of working. Delightful experience, good environment, and attractive salary make the staff happy which in turn enhances the company’s growth.

Phone: 1800-103-2322