Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra: Bridging Borders with 70 Nations on Board

Representatives From 70 Countries Participating In Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra

New Delhi, 9th November: The Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra has reached a pivotal juncture in its transformative odyssey as it graces the capital city of Delhi. In Delhi, the Yatra seamlessly navigated through insightful sessions and engaging dialogues with esteemed ministries and bureaucrats. The valuable guidance and expertise provided by the think tank have become instrumental in shaping and steering the Yatra’s trajectory during this phase. The ceremony was enriched with captivating cultural performances by various talented troupes.

This transformative Yatra, organized in collaboration with Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, Startup 20, and G20, has left an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. With 450 participants, including representatives from 70 countries, the Yatra is fostering a truly global association of entrepreneurs. It serves as a remarkable platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and forging meaningful connections.

Speaking about the Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra, Mr. Abhay Thakur, Special Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, expressed, “It is my proud privilege to be associated with the Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra platform that is not only highlighting major global challenges like energy transitions, climate change, human right development but is also the forum bringing world leaders together to exchange ideas, thought processes, and share important messages at the leader’s level. Going forward from this brilliant platform, I would like to see an increased focus on Multilateral Development Bank Reforms. Currently, Climate Finance has about $800bn of funds for the development of countries, out of which only one-eighth of it actually goes to these developing countries. Through this platform, we need to focus on such issues.”

From Delhi, the Yatra will proceed to Ahmedabad, continuing its path towards the final destination of Mumbai on November 10th. This leg of the journey holds immense significance as Delhi, being the capital of the country, serves as a strategic bottleneck, bringing together key stakeholders and decision-makers.

“The Jagriti Yatra, in its 16th edition, has reached a crucial juncture in Delhi, marking a significant milestone in this extraordinary adventure. As we continue our transformative journey towards the final destinations of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, we reflect with immense pride on showcasing inclusive enterprises from across the country and carrying the key messages of the G20 Delhi Declaration. At this point in the journey, we engage in vital discussions with the think tank, ministers, those in small towns and districts, further shaping our path forward. It has been a momentous occasion as we fostered meaningful associations with participants from 70 countries. As we bid farewell to Delhi, we carry the baton, cherishing the memories created and eagerly anticipating future endeavors, including the planned Ganga to Amazon effort,” said Shashank Mani, Founder Jagriti Yatra and Jagriti Enterprise Center – Purvanchal.”

Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra Reaches Delhi, A Hub of Key Stakeholders

In Delhi, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into discussions, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from ministries and bureaucrats. These interactions provided a unique platform to address pertinent issues, explore collaborative opportunities, and align the Yatra’s mission with the vision and policies of the government.

As the Yatra progresses from Delhi to Ahmedabad and ultimately concludes in Mumbai, it will carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and global collaboration. The sessions in Delhi will set the tone for the remaining leg of the journey, infusing it with renewed inspiration and purpose.

The Jagriti G20 Startup 20 Yatra stands as a testament to the power of collective action and collaboration, fostering meaningful connections between entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders. It continues to pave the way for transformative change, driving inclusive growth and sustainable development across borders and industries.