Jaipur’s 1st Ever Mock Trading Competition for Students to Be Held on August 21, 2019

Summary: ● JTL 2019, Jaipur’s 1st ever mock trading competition for students, organised by CredFIC ● Interested winners will be trained and groomed by CredFIC to become better traders, efficient analysts, and smart entrepreneurs; through a Finance Lab built at GCEC ● JTL 2019 is been co-organised by CredFIC, TradingView and GCEC


August 19th, 2019 | Jaipur, Rajasthan: The student community of Jaipur is going to witness the first ever mock trading competition, to be held next week in Vivekananda Global University’s Global Centre for Entrepreneurship and Commerce (GCEC), Jagatpura on August 21, 2019.


The mock trading competition – JAIPUR TRADING LEAGUE (JTL) 2019 – will be the first of its kind held for the student community, where students would be conducting trades on the stock market and compete for the top spot. The competition winners will be awarded annual subscription plans of TradingView, which these students will use to further enhance their skills and experience of stock market analysis and trading.

This competition is a joint effort of CredFIC, an investment technology and proprietary trading venture, which operates as a resource provider for retail and student traders; GCEC, a popular management institute that is working towards development of students into entrepreneurs and business professionals; and TradingView, a Chicago-based early stage venture, operates as a developer of social networking and data analysis tools intended for financial markets.

Interested winners of JTL 2019 would be inducted in a year-long course on Trading, Risk and Investment Management, which is scheduled to begin next month in the GCEC campus. The course will be conducted by CredFIC through Rajasthan’s first trading-focused Finance Lab, which is a co-branded initiative of CredFIC and GCEC to educate students about financial markets, trading and investment strategies.

This unique program will help develop students into better traders and efficient analysts, while also benefiting aspirational students entrepreneurs to become financially independent and smartly manage their ventures and start-ups.

JTL 2019 will be organised as part of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day celebration in the GCEC campus, wherein students will participate in day-long knowledge sessions and group activities to learn and gain exposure to various aspects around entrepreneurship and startup culture.