The Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination of This Writer Will Inspire You

The Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination of This Writer Will Inspire You
Hitesh Ramchandani
Hitesh Ramchandani

Creative authors and other fiction writers often use “a character coming out of a Swett Mardan book.” They are quite justified in it; the inspirational writings of Swett Mardan indeed changed the thought process of a world in early 60’s and 70’s with the simplicity of thoughts and simpler expressions of some complex fundamentals. It seems that author and motivational speaker, Hitesh Ramchandani, has picked up the game from the point where Swett Mardan has left it.

Bring Back Your Life on Normal Track with “Better Than Normal” Tips of Hitsh Ramchandani
Hitesh Ramchandani’s book, “Better than Normal” is serving as a game changer in the life of many readers and giving them a reason to feel unburdened during their hectic work schedules.

A Writer Committed to Diminishing the Dividing Line between Inspiration and Motivation
The crux of the writings of Hitesh clearly says that he is not a motivational writer or speaker. It is a different league of inspirational writer and speaker that he is carving for himself, simple quotes like “motivation is short-term and inspiration is long term,” hits the senses of the reader and creates a hook for the reader. As an inspirational speaker, Hitesh is considered to be a prolific speaker with a gift of gab and simplicity. It will be fruitless to count his achievements that how many corporate shows he has done or how many copies of his book have been sold. This inspirational writer and speaker is carving a niche for himself and on the lines of Swett Mardan; he is actually creating a league for himself in the world of inspirational writing.

If It Is Well Calculated, Then It Is Not a Miracle!
The craze for motivational literature died down at the turn of this century because most of the authors were claiming big and trying hard to sell their concepts as miraculous solutions. Have a look at the life of Hitesh Ramchandani, as a kid; he was diagnosed with a Neuro condition called Cerebral Palsy. Doctors said that he will never be able to walk or talk like normal people. It was a quest for him where he had to push the boundaries for living a normal life. His inhibitions about public speaking found a new shelter when he visited Toastmaster club in Singapore. He took up the challenge quite effectively and finally a phase came when he became a celebrity in a different right. In his own words, “I took shelter in inspiration and it paved the path for me to become a normal human being.”

The Book, “Better Than Normal,” Can be Associated with Normal Office Life and Happier Daily Life
As an inspirational writer and speaker, his simplicity and quest for being just normal presented an undertone in all his statements and made them sound genuine and believable. In the other words, he has the simplicity and proximity of inspiration with real-life conditions.

The Journey of Self Belief and Unwavering Determination of This Writer Will Inspire You

Visit and be a part of an inspirational community, which is working relentlessly to make normal life a better life. The best part of this page lies in the fact that it never makes any tall claims and addresses the problems of life in a simplistic and realistic approach. Hitesh Ramchandani has created an oasis where an individual can go for the pursuit of a normal office life happier domestic life. It has become a place where sensible and aware people are coming in to become inspired individuals.