Just Jobs — A Sincere Effort to Organise the Unorganised

Just Jobs — A Sincere Effort to Organise the Unorganised

Just Jobs is a company that has two founders who are Kishore Beniwal and SR Madhukar. This startup was launched on 1st August 2016. The company has no external investor, it makes ends meets using the existing resources.

Kishore Beniwal is the CEO and is responsible for inspiration and clear thoughts that focus on India’s undeveloped areas and provide opportunities that lead to the betterment of the country.

SR Madhukar is in charge of finances and operations, willing to embrace any new experience he comes across in his day to day life.

Just Jobs

This company focuses on blue collar jobs which refer to the jobs that require manual labor and the payment is hourly like waiters, plumbers, babysitters. It provides employment opportunities by creating a platform for employers to look for employees by posting job opportunities and the employees can browse and apply for the jobs they are qualified for. It combines skills and opportunities and present them on one platform.

Just Jobs is a platform where informal workers can get jobs which meet their qualifications. The trigger behind this startup was that- informal laborers do not have a clear sight of their future due to swaying employment opportunities.

The mission is to empower the most underdeveloped informal sector of India by connecting skill with opportunity.

Corporate Vision
The vision is to be the most preferred, trusted and respected organization in blue collar jobs sector in India as well as worldwide.

Kishore is the backbone of this company as his mission and past drives the company. He used to work as a construction laborer and waiter for 4 years. He knew that the informal industry had very less working perk a there was no guarantee of a consistent job. The job acquiring system was traditional as well and most of the informal laborers have an insignificant level of education, which does not boost the employment opportunity. His efforts to eradicate this challenge was directed to building this company.

First Obstacle
The main obstacle faced by this company was connecting skill with the appropriate opportunities and how to attract employers. The issue of connecting skill with employment opportunities was overcome by dividing the jobs into different categories for both the employers and employees. Attracting employers was done by waiving the signing up fee for first time employers. The company expected clients to look for them to overcome their search of employees as they were trying to form a bridge between the appropriate skills and available job opportunities.

The company’s first customers turned out to be their friends and took 3 weeks to get a genuine customer. After some traction, more people started using its services.

Business Results
The first time the company was launched, they assumed that the clients will be eager to sign up but unfortunately the employers wanted to experiment before paying any fee. A solution was brought to work for first timer’s employers, signing up and hiring once only would be free. After this solution was implemented, the company has been able to acquire 11,000 active employers and counting.

The company has introduced an application for job seekers, which is free of charge in the App Store and Play Store.

Just Jobs is a platform where informal workers can get jobs which meet their qualifications

Market Results
The company has worked out its statistics properly. India has a population of 125 crores and 60-70 per cent are involved with the informal working sector either directly or indirectly. So this percentage has a wide selection of jobs to choose from anywhere, anytime. White collar jobs have an easy and accessible way of providing employment opportunities and acquiring them. Blue collar jobs do not have such a platform.

Just Jobs has been featured in several news channels like Aaj Tak, The Telegraph, Business Today, India Today and many more.

Pricing Model
The company does not charge any of the job seekers and employers do not pay for the posting of the first job. Then they are required to pay a minimum fee of 90 Indian rupees. The team calls it a freemium model.

Happily Ever After
The company wants to expand its business by involving 10 big cities of India as well as opening branches in different countries like USA, Australia and others. It also wants to include different regional languages to allow efficient communication between employers and employees who belong to different regions or speak different languages. It wants to transform India’s informal job sector into a digital platform where employers and job seekers can connect easily, anytime and anywhere and within a few seconds.

Just Jobs — A Sincere Effort to Organise the Unorganised

The company has an objective of making the business less time consuming, reduced stress, less wastage of time, proper connection with the clients, increased efficiency and reliability.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
The company’s portal is fast and easy to use compared to other job portals. Presence of a wide variety of jobs and lack of advertisement in their portal is also a plus point for this company. It has a different ideology to ensure proper connection with their clients. The jobs posted are completely genuine and reliable as they have been posted by users who have verified accounts. The company has invested heavily on their portal’s user experience to keep up with the current needs of the company. The jobs are broken down into categories, type and cities, making it easy for job seekers to choose a job according to their needs and location.

Brand Promise
The company promises to organize the informal sector of India and channel it to a development.


  • Strength – the company’s team which has a vast experience in the recruitment field
  • Weakness – some skills cannot be matched with their respective job opportunity
  • Opportunity – underdeveloped informal sector that has a scope of being digitalized
  • Threats – competition from other job portals

The founders of the company urge their fellow entrepreneurs to not give up on their dreams, big or small. Hard work, persistence and common sense should be implemented on any path to success

Visit Just Jobs Website at https://www.just.jobs and Android App To Search Entry Level Jobs Nearby can be download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.just.jobs