LabelBlind® Releases Report on Top Immunity Boosting Packaged Foods & Beverages across 14 Categories

The Report focuses on guiding consumers on Food & Beverage Products based on 19 Immunity Enhancing and Immunity Suppressing Nutrition factors


Mumbai | 10th July 2020: LabelBlind® is India’s 1st food rating system for consumers to make informed choices of packaged food products. A digital platform that offers solutions in the space of Nutrition Technology, LabelBlind® has released a first-of-its kind report that assesses food & beverage products based on 19 Immunity Enhancing and Immunity Suppressing Nutrients, as declared on food labels. The report aims to guide consumers in the choice of food products that have the potential to strengthen immunity. The report acknowledges products on the basis of their immunity enhancing nutrient attributes and aims to strengthen the ecosystem of consumers-businesses-regulatory guidelines to positively impact food habits in India.

Based on Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Advertising and Labeling Guidelines (2018) and Recommended Daily Allowance (RDAs) as suggested by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR.), 8000 food & beverage prepackaged products were studied for Immunity functions. 1405 food & beverage products were shortlisted on the basis of minimum 2 nutrition factors as declared on food labels. 14 high consumed food and beverage categories were selected for the report. Each category was assessed on the basis of nutrients unique to that category. Appended are the categories covered:

i.   Wheat & Multigrain Atta (Flour)
ii.   Rice
iii.  Edible Oil
iv.  Ghee & Butter
v.   Health Food Drinks
vi.  Ready to Eat Breakfast Cereals
vii.  Dairy & Dairy Products – Milk & Dahi
viii. Dairy & Dairy Products – Lassi, Buttermilk, Kefir, Yogurt, Flavoured Milk.
ix.   Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds
x.    Ready to Cook & Eat Products
xi.   Energy Bars
xii.  Spreads & Dips
xiii.  Fruit & Vegetable Juices & Nectars
xiv.  Non-dairy ‘Milks’ (Nut milk and Soy milk)

In light of increasing consumer sensitivity to factors of health and hygiene during the Covid19 period, and considering the increased consumption of packaged food products by households during the lockdown period, the report gains added importance to guide consumers in making aware choices of what they consume.

19 critical ‘Immunity Enhancing’ and ‘Immunity Suppressing’ nutrition factors were assessed for packaged food and beverage products. Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Selenium, Magnesium, Omega-3 and Probiotics are immunity enhancing nutrition factors while Saturated fat, Trans fat, Added Sugar and Sodium are immunity suppressing nutrients. All the products on the study have at least 2 immunity enhancing nutrients which are unique to the category and the products are Made in India. The LabelBlind® Immunity Rating scores products on their immunity boosting properties, on a scale of 1 to 5, using its proprietary algorithm supported by nutrition values declared on the food label.

Ms Rashida Vapiwala, Founder, LabelBlind®, quotes, “The global pandemic has made each of us aware of the critical importance that immunity plays in our lives. The report aims to guide consumers in their choice of food products based on essential nutrients that support immunity function. Each product category has a distinct characteristic, making it difficult for consumers to ascertain the immunity properties of products. LabelBlind® addresses the complexity by reviewing and rating nutrients across 14 daily-use categories like Atta, Edible Oil, Rice, Dairy Products, Health Food Drinks, Fruit and Vegetable Juices, and more. We seek to take the report to every household so consumers can take advantage of this scientific assessment to be well guided in their food choices. We have a strong database of 8000 products across 43 varied nutrients that help us to study packaged food products through different consumer lenses. The report will benefit consumers from different walks of life during these daunting times. At LabelBlind® our effort is to strengthen the trust and transparency between brands and consumers.” 

LabelBlind® is identified by Startup Réseau, a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm for its GrowthX Women Entrepreneur Sprint, an Accelerator program for Women Entrepreneurs across South and South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Startup Réseau connects Startups with Corporates, Capital and Global Markets. 

LabelBlind® is a digital platform launched by The Nutrition Alchemy; a company that offers solutions in the space of Nutrition Technology. LabelBlind® simplifies complex information declared on food labels and rates food and beverage products on a nutrition score of 1 to 5, for consumers to comprehend the nutrition value of food products and apply the understanding to their daily choice of food. Technical information declared on food labels stating complex ingredients, nutrition facts, and daily recommended values, serving sizes, allergens and more leave consumers overwhelmed. Leading them to make uninformed and unsafe choices that often serve contrary to their desire for choosing food that promotes good health and well-being. LabelBlind® aims to create a nutrient literate planet through its offerings.