Let go of the fear of stigma and judgement and make #YehDiwaliBacchonWaali says United We Care’s campaign for better mental health

The brand’s campaign launched across various platforms talks about being a child again and feeling free to talk without fearing judgement or stigma for a #happieryou


Delhi | 11th November 2020: This Diwali, United We Care, an app-based platform that integrates social, mental, financial, and legal support systems for men, women, youth and children and LGBTQ, is encouraging people to let out their inner child and share their stories and experiences. The integrated campaign called #YehDiwaliBacchonWaali, launched across various digital platforms, focuses on bringing back the carefree childhood days as well as being able to have some heart-to-heart conversations. The underlying idea is to encourage adults to talk openly without inhibitions.

The first video talks about how we express ourselves easily as children, share and forget easily. As we grow up, we are bound by the worry of stigma, judgement, and overthinking. It stems from the concept of gifting everyone better mental health and well-being during the festive season by unleashing the unabashed and hopeful spirit of the child within each of us. Given how Diwali coincides with Children’s Day this year, the campaign highlights the essence of childhood and encourages adults to open up and talk.

The campaign also introduces a team of experts including life coaches, psychologists, and lawyers who share their childhood experiences that led them to take up the professions they are in today. For instance, a lawyer who saw her father losing a land case as a child decided to take up the profession to ensure no one else undergoes the same experience. Right after she became a lawyer, she helped her father win the case. As they narrate their stories, they also “Pledge to Create a Happier You” with United We Care.

Speaking about this, Shumita Kakkar, Founder, United We Care, said, “This year has been full of uncertainties and we are facing a second pandemic in the form of mental health issues. However, these issues are not new but have been there since ages. Today, when things are so complicated, it is time once again to rewind to our childhood, a time of free spirits, endless conversations, and when every day was a new beginning. As we become older, we leave this positivity behind. United We Care’s campaign this Diwali is about unleashing your inner child and speak up openly about anything under the sun – without the fear of stigma and for better mental health. Together, we pledge to create a happier you.”

United We Care frequently undertakes campaigns to raise awareness around mental health issues, which is the first step. #YehDiwaliBacchonWaali centers around open conversations we had as children and how they can happen only when the stigma is removed and we can talk without the fear of being judged.

United We Care is a ground-breaking initiative that doesn’t focus only on the problem, but rather on the root causes and provides holistic solutions to its users. It aims to be the support system that is usually missing in the fast-paced digital world of the day. It is the first brand that is going ahead to create a sensitized and valuable support system for the help seekers.

United We Care has also recently launched it’s emotional health virtual assistant Stella who is available to chat or talk to the users 24×7. Stella can help with Basic CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) CAT (Cognitive analytical therapy), humanistic, interpersonal or couple therapy. She is one-of-her-kind assistant with multiple decision trees and the ability to move negative sentiments to positive conversations.