Madras Mandi Unveils Bold Plans for Expansive Growth in Chennai, Revealing the Launch of 20 New Stores

Madras Mandi announces an ambitious expansion in Chennai with 20 new stores

Enhancing its footprint in Chennai, Madras Mandi endeavors to revolutionize the local fresh produce scene by infusing it with a personalized approach.

India, February 26, 2024: Madras Mandi, a prominent fresh produce brand, is embarking on a substantial offline expansion initiative in Chennai, demonstrating its commitment to the local market. With plans to open 20 new stores across the city by the end of 2024, the brand aims to provide a personalized shopping experience tailored to the unique preferences of Chennai’s diverse communities. This strategic expansion is part of Madras Mandi’s overarching goal to increase accessibility to farm-fresh goods and foster deeper engagement with local residents.

Prashanth Vasan, CEO of Madras Mandi, emphasized the brand’s customer-centric approach, stating, “Our expansion in Chennai is about more than just opening new stores; it’s about integrating ourselves into the fabric of each neighborhood and delivering tailored solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs. We are committed to building enduring relationships with the Chennai community by offering fresh, high-quality produce that enhances their daily lives.”

Setting itself apart from competitors, Madras Mandi organizes unique farm experiences and community-driven events like “Kootanchoru” to strengthen its connection with customers. These initiatives, coupled with a focus on delivering fresh, premium-quality produce, position Madras Mandi as a frontrunner in the Chennai market. The “Kootanchoru” event, in particular, exemplifies the brand’s dedication to fostering communal dining experiences and celebrating local cuisine.

With a user base exceeding 5 lakh and over 5 lakh orders fulfilled, Madras Mandi’s growth trajectory underscores its robust market presence and customer trust. Over the next five years, the brand remains committed to upholding principles of quality, sustainability, and waste reduction, further solidifying its commitment to delivering superior products to consumers.

The expansion into Chennai is a strategic component of Madras Mandi’s broader growth strategy, reflecting its ambition to establish itself as a household name in fresh produce retail. As the brand continues to expand, it remains steadfast in its mission to provide uncompromising quality vegetables, with plans to extend its reach to every neighborhood in Chennai and eventually expand into Tier 2 cities across the southern region.