Magictap Launches “” – India’s First AI Powered Online Platform for All Technology Requirements of Events Disrupts Event Tech Industry, Offers Event Organizers and Companies a Single-stop Solution for Every Needs of Event Technology

Mr. Nikhil Tuteja, Founder - Magictap

New Delhi, Delhi, India: In order to employ Event Technology experiences Magictap is launching the first online booking platform in India “” By 2020–21, the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EY-EEMA) forecasts Event Management Industry will reach 10,000 crore marks and, over the last several years, Magictap has grown and has an international presence within the event industry. Magictap provides organizers and corporates a better and more flexible way to handle their events and strengthen their relationships with attendees and sponsors. Magictap will enable end users to access modern technologies more easily through its multiple services, and the “” online booking platform is an extension. Anyone from anywhere can book Technology Experiences for their events easily with Magictap’s online platform.

At present, taking advantage of the technology is becoming increasingly crucial for your audience to be engaged during an event. The organizers of conferences and events have constant pressure to make their event memorable and impactful for all attendees. With a little innovation, engagement and efficiency rates can be improved. By mixing innovative technology with creative expression, an everlasting experience can be achieved and created.

Magictap is specialized in the creation of interactive digital content, bespoke digital brand activation, semi-permanent technological and customized short-term hire platforms. There are also new solutions for sports and fan engagement that maintain the user in the focus of the overall experience. Magictap is specialized in the design and engineering of innovative conference spaces, brand activation, exhibition booths, festivals, trade shows & exhibitions, sports and much more. These spaces are built to connect customers through their comprehension and evaluation of the target visitor’s behaviour.

“What distinguishes Magictap from other experiential marketing firms is the thorough research, planning and implementation of projects, supported by years of experience,” said a long term client Mr Rajan Vathiyat, Director -RVR Presents Event Services Pvt Ltd. We have been experiencing distinct levels of precision and perfection in our association with Magictap over the last four years. Our proud relationship has been successful and now the online platform only makes it much simpler to book their pre-custom products and only strengthens our relationship.”

Magictap offers a variety of features, such as guest check-in, kiosk check-in, lead retrieval and, most importantly, our set of products creates amazing experience at the event. The product lets guests self-register for the event and print out personalized cards, wristbands or RFID badges to complete the registration process. Long queues are history now at the registration desk. Measuring the success of an event is a piece of cake with the best use of AI and helps Corporates plan their next series of events.

Mr. Nikhil Tuteja, Founder - Magictap
Mr. Nikhil Tuteja, Founder – Magictap

“We’re more inventors than marketers for our USP. Some solutions have not been done previously by our customers. So we start from the very beginning and make the idea. We understand how it will function and how a prototype will be built. The innovations we develop always focus on the future of the brand, sustainability and tomorrow’s vision. Although we have few products ready to go, they don’t have to be customized. We focus on offering more scalable and low-cost solutions for event organizers with low budgets and exceptionally high volume events with the launch of Magictap.event, a booking platform for those products. With our app, Event organizers could do more for attendees to experience an amazing event” said Mr. Nikhil Tuteja, Magictap’s founder.

For Android phones, the mobile app of Magictap is available. The product can also be incorporated with different apps from third parties such as cvent, eventbrite, etc. Many of the major brands such as Cognizant, Godrej Properties, Oppo and Airtel have already taken advantage of the use of the Magictap product and service package for their events.