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New Delhi, 06th September 2019: MyOperator announces that Media Mantra is appointed to become the PR and communication partner. The appointment will assist further strengthen the media and communication efforts of MyOperator as a cloud service provider.

Ankit Jain, chief executive officer, myOperator, opted for Media Mantra as its PR & Communication partner, “As we are the leading brand in India for the call management services, we have looked for a media team to strengthen our communication and media coverage. As a brand & communication partner, we are delighted to have Media Mantra. We think that working with Media Mantra will help to improve our brand’s market position and will streamline communication with the media by MyOperator.”

Udit Pathak, founder & director of Media Mantra, was given the PR and Communication mandate for MyOperator, and said, “This tie-up will provide new energy for both organisations and further help to generating synergy. MyOperator is without a doubt a leading product in cloud telephony and Media Mantra is a growing media and communication company.

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MyOperator is a leading call management system provider that makes incoming calls easier for businesses. For small and medium-sized businesses, voice communication has been easy. Through voice communication, it multiplied its customer support experience.

MyOperator is an industry agonist product explicitly because it can be used for a plethora  of purposes, including tracking marketing ROI, hiring workforce, lead management, automated surveys, automated calls & SMS, call center installation and many more. The Helpline Number has reliable connectivity that gives clients seamless communication facilities, playing a key role in natural calamities and any disaster.