Motorola Mobile Power Accessories now available in India

Motorola Mobile Power Accessories now available in India
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New Delhi, August 6th 2019: Salom America Company, the global exclusive licensee of Motorola Power Accessories Portfolio, is focused on designing accessories which empower smartphones to help you enjoy a better mobile experience. Salom is pleased to announce:

Motorola Mobile Power Accessories now available in India
  • Launches of a range of Turbopower™ Mobile Wall and Car Adapters featuring Qualcomm® Quickcharge 3.0© and USB Power Delivery, as well as USB Cables in India
  • The portfolio works seamlessly across Motorola devices, and is optimised to charge most devices from other brands at blazing speeds
  • Appointing of Alchemie Commerce as the official National Distribution partner for India.

The company has unveiled an entire portfolio of Mobile Power Adapters and cables which will now be available in India. The Portfolio consists of a slew of mobile power accessories like:

  • Motorola 10W Power Adapter.
  • TurboPower™ 15W Power Adapter with QuickCharge™ 3.0.
  • TurboPower™ 18W Power Adapter with QuickCharge™ 3.0.
  • TurboPower™ 27W Power Adapter with QuickCharge™ 3.0 and USB-PD.
  • Motorola 1M USB Cable with Datasync and Charge Support
  • Motorola 2M USB Cable with Datasync and Charge Support
  • Motorola TurboPower™18W Car Charger
  • Motorola TurboPower™ 10,000mAh Power bank
  • Motorola TurboPower™ 20,000mAh Power bank
  • Motorola 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

Charging shouldn’t take forever. The Turbopower™ technology from Motorola is designed to give you hours of power in just minutes of charging, so you can power up without slowing down.

Motorola Turbopower™ is more than a family of fast chargers. It’s a complete system designed to work together, achieving the maximum amount of charge in the least possible time. And by developing a complete charging system, the hardware and software components are optimized so that they work better together. The result? Some of the fastest charging available on the market today.

Motorola Turbopower™ wall and car chargers work best with Motorola phones and will charge any Qualcomm® Quick Charge compatible smartphone or tablet at blazing speeds. In addition, the Motorola Turbopower™ 27W charger adds USB Power Delivery technology to fast charge USB-C devices, including larger tablets and ultralight laptops.

One charger for all your stuff. Leave all your other chargers at home. You can power up any USB-powered device at their fastest capable speeds with a Motorola Turbopower™ charger—phones, tablets, cameras, gaming stations—you name it.

The Motorola TurboPower™ 15W, 18W, and 27W adapters feature the Qualcomm® QuickCharge™ 3.0 technology, and are able to dynamically adjust the charging voltage over the battery charging cycle . This allows the phone to request just enough voltage to reach the desired charge current, charge faster with the same input power. The 27W adapter also includes USB Power Delivery technology which allows even faster charging speeds over the USB-C connector.

Speaking on the brand development, Joseph Reisinger – Vice President, Salom America Company said, “it gives us immense pleasure to unveil the entire range of Motorola Power Accessories Portfolio in India. It is the fastest growing smartphone market in the world, and we aim, with the Motorola brand, to be the leader in the mobile power accessory category in India”.

As a part of its growth strategy Salom America Company appointed Alchemie Commerce Private Limited, a leading National Distributor in India, as the official National Distributor of Motorola power products in India.

Vaibhav Kapoor, Director Alchemie Commerce added – “We march ahead with our vision to launch global electronic brands in India and give more choice to customers. We are excited to bring the Motorola Power Accessories portfolio in India. The brand has a distinctly wide portfolio of products, is a technology and market leader in these categories in many countries, and caters to a wide variety of customer needs”.

This partnership will enable Alchemie Commerce to resell Motorola Power solutions including mobile chargers, car chargers, power banks, wireless chargers, and related cables. This collaboration will help in providing end-to-end power solutions to our customers.

The portfolio will be available across all eCommerce Portals, leading electronic outlets and