There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. The future of our country depends on the children. It is extremely necessary to nurture the young buds, especially the ones who are isolated and have lost their families. OneCulture, a topmost coworking space company, conducted an event for underprivileged girls at Salaam Baalak, an NGO. 

9th August is celebrated worldwide as International Coworking Day. The day is of utmost importance to all the coworking space providing firms. On this day, OneCulture made headlines by celebrating this day by reaching out to underprivileged kids at Salam Baalak in Gurugram. OneCulture founded by Abhilash Shukla, is climbing the stairs of success by designing flawless cultural spaces for people. OneCulture is a strong supporter of women empowerment and believes that each child has a right to lead a happy life with basic amenities, atleast.

A two hour jovial session was conducted by the team of OneCulture to interact with the kids and make them smile and enjoy their time with the organization. The fun-filled activities included musical chair, singing, dancing, which gave the kids a chance to step out of their comfort zones and hunt their inner talents. OneCulture also distributed stationery items and refreshments to the children.

Abhilash, CEO & Founder, OneCulture, was delighted to be present at the event and stated: “OneCulture believes that events like these help build the future generation. Today on the occasion of International Coworking Day, we thought there is no better way to celebrate than being there for underprivileged kids.”

Highlighting women’s empowerment, Abhilash stated: “Women educate future generations. Everything starts with them. An educated mother can raise a well-mannered, admired member of society. If a girl’s right to education is taken from her, another barrier for future development is added.”

OneCulture celebrates International Coworking Day with a noble cause

Since its birth OneCulture has always been a huge supporter of women empowerment and education. The team keeps organizing events which can help society in any way possible way. OneCulture believes that every child has the right to lead a happy life even though fate might not have been in their favor.

Varsha, the Senior Manager at OneCulture, said: “I have always believed that women alone have power; collectively, we have an impact. OneCulture, as a team, is trying to spread happiness and make sure that these girls have a wonderful time with us. I interacted with the children and listened to their dreams and aspirations, and I am so delighted to see that these girls are keen towards their education. The girls were all smiles, and we are happy that we managed to put a smile on their face”.

OneCulture aims to enlighten young buds and vows to organize more events that in any way can help kids live a happy, prosperous life.