Robot Manufacturer ‘Avishkaar’ Wins NASSCOM Design4India Award

Robot Manufacturer ‘Avishkaar’ Wins NASSCOM Design4India Award

Bangalore, Karnataka, India: Tweak, a revolutionary new robotics kit, designed by Avishkaar has won NASSCOM Design4India Award in the category – Digital Ergonomic Product at the recently concluded Design Summit held in Bengaluru on 22-23 August.

This was a huge win for the Delhi based ed-tech startup Avishkaar, and a testament to their hard work and achievement.

Aimed at a younger age group (5+ and up), Tweak provides a jumpstart to robotics for kids. It is simple in appearance, to make it less intimidating to kids, but at the same time powerful enough to function like an automated robot.

The best way to describe Tweak would be that it mirrors clay. If you can imagine it, you can make it. It comes packed with a host of unique features such as:

  • Modular robotics design system
  • Can be programmed from an app/desktop software
  • Can be morphed into any toy
  • Helps develop coding skills
  • Easy to assemble with snap-fit mechanisms

Tarun Bhalla, Founder & CEO of Avishkaar says, “We are very confident that Tweak is not only going to be a successful product, but will also change the way robotics and STEAM is introduced to little kids. This is just the beginning of a new revolution.”

Tweak has also been a finalist in the reputed Design Intelligence Awards (DIA), China’s premier international award for designs. The product has also cleared stage 1 in the CII Design Excellence Awards. The results of both these awards are yet to be announced in September and team Avishkaar is confident of clinching both.