Salesforce Introduces ‘Starter’ CRM Suite for Indian Businesses, Streamlining Growth and Customer Engagement

Salesforce Launches Starter in India

Accelerating Small and Growing Businesses with AI, Data, and CRM: A Fast Start to Success

Mumbai, June 27th, 2023: Salesforce, the leading global CRM provider, has announced the introduction of Salesforce ‘Starter’ specifically designed for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India. This user-friendly CRM solution combines essential sales, service, and email outreach tools in a single suite, empowering businesses to enhance customer experiences, reduce costs, and drive revenue. To learn more about Starter pricing and details, please visit the provided link.

Salesforce Starter delivers a seamless combination of usability, flexibility, and security, enabling businesses to accelerate their growth and maximize return on investment. With comprehensive setup guides and a unified platform, companies can easily onboard and go live with Starter. This solution simplifies the signup process, provides guided onboarding, and offers an improved checkout flow to effortlessly add more users to Salesforce. Users gain access to a suite of sales and service applications, allowing them to view and act upon consolidated customer data. Additionally, Starter incorporates Einstein AI for Activity Capture, automatically updating email and calendar information.

With the launch of Salesforce Starter, MSMEs in India can leverage a powerful CRM tool that streamlines their operations, enhances productivity, and drives business success.

Arun Parameswaran, MD – Sales & Distribution, Salesforce India, said, “SMBs are the backbone of any economy and faster adoption of digital technologies has helped them remain resilient in the face of adversity. It’s clear that effective use of technology can be a differentiator for SMBs, helping build relationships and establish a foundation for growth. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly seeking ways to remove complexity from their employees’ ability to get work done and create space for higher-value work. We are excited with the impact that Salesforce Starter can create for small and medium sized businesses in India, driving productivity, efficiency and cutting costs while deepening customer relationships and delivering business success. We look forward to supporting the SMB segment in India, driving growth and innovation in the region.”