Smartworld and The Artemis Hospitals bring Awareness to the Forefront in Cancer Session

In collaboration with The Artemis Hospitals, Smartworld organised a session for Cancer Awareness

4th February, 2023: Smartworld Developers, with the theme of “Care for Smartians,” marked World Cancer Day by educating its employees about cancer awareness in collaboration with The Artemis Hospitals.

Joint Effort to Fight Cancer - Smartworld and The Artemis Hospitals host Awareness Session
World Cancer Day just got more meaningful with Smartworld Developers’ Cancer Awareness event featuring a lecture by Dr Sukriti Gupta, consultant at The Artemis Hospitals.

A session was held at the Smartworld headquarters in Sector 66, Gurugram, by Dr. Sukriti Gupta, a consultant in Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation.

During the session, Dr. Gupta covered various topics related to blood-cell disorders, including anemia, thalassemia, and its genetic screening, as well as the importance of bone marrow examination.

Smartworld and The Artemis Hospitals raise awareness about Cancer

The consultant emphasized the significance of healthy eating, exercise, and preventive health check-ups, specifically cancer screening for those over 40 years old, with a focus on prostate screening for men and breast and cervical screening for women. By diagnosing any potential issues early, the importance of regular health check-ups was highlighted.