This Startup deals with the needs of students in all aspects, including stationery, crafted projects, books, notes, and other inventories

study bazar is One Stop for all Study Projects & Discount Offers. A student requires various services such as engineering kits, calculators, books, notes that prove effective during exams, as well as projects that can get you good grades during evaluations. There is a dire need for a website that sells all the items mentioned above along with additional items that can aid a student to excel in his examinations and academics. This demand was capitalized by Study Bazar and they have opened up a one stop solution for stationery, books, projects and DIY kits.

Problems in the Current Market:
There are many portals that provide all the above-mentioned accessories, but all of them have their limitations. Let us explore some of the limitations of these websites-

1. Not Consolidated
Buyers may find a specific item on one website and may have to search another relevant item on another website which proves taxing since he may have to complete multiple searches and pass through multiple payment gateways.

2. Shipping
Shipping can be a vital factor when you purchase online. Punctual delivery is a problem in online purchasing which is not met by small-time aggregators or online retailers.

3. Online Engineering Projects
Quality engineering projects are not available online, and there is a huge demand for it. Especially in a stream like engineering, where students have to work compulsorily on a final year project, which carries a lot of weightage in marks.

4. Dual Purpose
There is a need for a platform that links retailers and students. Students are benefitted from this as they get the services they need, while retailers get an opportunity to market their product on a national scale and procure more customers.

This Startup deals with the needs of students in all aspects, including stationery, crafted projects, books, notes, and other inventories

Study Bazar:
The problems mentioned abovewere categorically perceived by a group of individuals who created an online platform called Study Bazar. It deals with the needs of students in all aspects, including stationery, crafted projects, books, notes, and other inventories. The start-up was initiated by upholding the motto of creating practical minds in the country. The aim is to use innovative projects and books to enlighten students to look beyond theoretical knowledge and embrace practicality.

Raghav Vaibhav is one of the directors and co-founders of Study Bazar, with more than 8 years in the industry. He has already developed more than 500 engineering projects in the field of mechanical and electronics, and has trained over 5000 engineering and diploma students. Mr. Harshit Nagar is also the co-founder and director with 6 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Nagar has a background in Electronics and Communication and is also GATE qualified.

On asking Mr.Harshit about this venture, he replied “Practical education is a must for the sound schooling of a student. Building a great project from scratch is challenging and sometimes not achievable in a short span of time. We provide projects that help students understand practical models, which leads to better understanding of the theoretical part as well. StudyBazar has helped students to gain and get a deeper knowledge of their subjects, with so many resources at their disposal. I am impressed by the ease with which projects developers can speedily upload videos and touch a billion lives with effective practical lessons. I am confident that the strong founding team of StudyBazar is well-positioned to replace traditional theoretical classroom teaching with more impactful content,and I am proud of my venture and our vision.” Vaibhav Raghav Harshit Nagar.

studybazar team

Growth in the market:
This website has taken the market by storm. Countless students are frequently using this website and taking maximum advantage of it all over the world. It is a common portal for selling and buying projects online with safe payment methods from students any place in India. The discounts offered on this site are a sure attraction for all the members of a college, ranging from students to faculty.

The common frustration of the students and the growing need for a singular website to host a platform for selling and purchasing student-oriented study material was the primary concern which initiated the need for Study Bazar. Let us take a look at the benefits of Study Bazar:

1. Books
Purchasing books is one of the most important concerns of students. Study Bazar has a humongous collection of books for all fields of study. A notable fact is that they target the students of the engineering sector specifically and hence have a myriad collection of books for computer science students and civil engineering students. Discounts are available on these books on every purchase, as well as when ordered in bulk. Purchasing books has never been such a simple and efficient task with attractive discounts attached to every product.

2. Civil & Mechanical Project Models
How difficult is it to create a civil engineering project, especially if you do not have time on your hands? Only an engineering student can understand the plight and necessity of the availability of projects. StudyBazar brings you a wide variety of civil engineering projects that you can order for rock bottom prices. Automobile & Mechanical Engineering Projects are also available at Study Bazar. You can choose from extremely simple models to intricate models through this website. Product packing makes it extremely safe during transportation. Such inexpensive, yet elaborate models are not available in the market anywhere else.

3. Coaching Notes
Coaching notes are one of the most important parts of a student’s life when it comes to learning a subject. How would you feel if someone handed you the notes for your exam? Study Bazar has a huge set of coaching notes that will help you get a better grasp on your subjects. Along with study notes, they also sell solved question papers to prepare you for the exams. Students can solve these carefully designed papers for acing their class tests.

4. Electrical & Electronics Components
Engineering students are always playing with electrical components, be it for a pass time activity or during labs. College and institutions are also in constant need for such electrical components to fulfil the needs of the labs and students. To satiate this demand in these engineering colleges, StudyBazar has opened a shop for selling these Electrical and Electronics Project kits at feasible rates. Bulk orders also attract bigger discounts. Examples of the various inventory sold to students and colleges include motors of different power consumptions and needs, resistors, sim-card modules, counter dividers and capacitors, among the many others.

5. DIY Kits
Creating your own engineering project can only be completed with the assistance of kits and other assistive devices like calculators, sheet-holders, etc. StudyBazar provides these DIY kits are great pricing. There is a variety of kits to choose from, available on their website. These DIY kits will help you enhance your knowledge in that field with practical knowledge in it.

6. Selling Online
StudyBazar is not beneficial only to students and faculty members of schools and colleges. Bookstores and project stores can also benefit from Pan India recognition by partnering with StudyBazar. Books, engineering kits, components, notes , and engineering appliances are some of the common items currently trending on Study Bazar. You can also sell other resourceful items on the platform that can satiate the demands of the students in India. It is all about demand and supply. If you can provide accessories and books that the population demands, you can join the platform of StudyBazar by paying a subscription price. Along with Pan India attention, you also get to have secure transactions and logistics handled by a reputed company like StudyBazar.

7. Discounts
StudyBazar has a whole new section related to student discounts. You can find multiple discounted items on their website, including engineering kits, books, and other essential products. The value of the discounts varies by the quantity of the order. Bulk orders get more discounts. Discount coupons can be availed from the site for institutions who tie up with Study Bazar for their needs. These discount coupons will help the institutions secure better deals for large purchases.

8. Perks
So what are the perks of ordering from this website?
• The first advantage is complete and hands-on customer service. Be it any problem, you will be provided immediate and efficient customer service. Reach out to the customer service any time you want and your query will be answered.
• Quality of the products is immaculate and proper sealing is done to keep it safe during transportation.
• You can also get cash on delivery which makes the process easier for students.
• Free shipping is also an important component that Study Bazar promises its clients.
• Safe transaction of money through net banking makes the process a reliable option for members.

studybazar team

Team Studybazar

Study Bazar is helping Students Bridge the gap between theoretical and practical studies. Students from the various fields like Engineering, GATE, IES, school coaching, etc., can avail the resources study Bazar offers. You can take advantage of engineering projects, books, notes, and technical help provided to you at such nominal rates and get a complete insight into your subjects.

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