This startup is making an attempt to standardize the local laundry system by combining it with technology

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The world moves fast, and to keep up with the pace, we often find ourselves running about through our life. In this humdrum of our busy schedules, we often find ourselves lacking the energy to do our daily chores.

Digital Dhobi Logo

Be it college students, with their ever incomplete assignments or office going professionals roaming around like zombies, keeping up with deadlines, who has time for menial things like laundry? We wish we could swish and flick our wands and manage to convert our dirty laundry into neatly pressed folded clothes, but alas, we lack that power.

Chandan Singh
Chandan Singh

What if I told you that somebody is ready to do your laundry for you? Someone is ready to ensure that your clothes are ready just in time for your busy week.

No. It’s not your local Dhobi who mostly ends up losing your pants or doesn’t wash the collar of your shirts properly, you don’t have to haggle about the exorbitant prices for your simple clothes.

It does seem a bit unbelievable but is most certainly true. We have Digital Dhobi to the rescue.

So, what is Digital Dhobi? Digital Dhobi is a professional laundry service that picks up and delivers your laundry, everything from your socks to dry-cleaning, from the doorstep. It is an effort to standardize the local laundry system, through which they ensure fast and reliable service. They provide affordable laundry service and their fast and easy online ordering and tracking process and their convenient At-The-Door pick-up and delivery options give their customers more time to do the things they love.

Ashutosh Mishra
Ashutosh Mishra

Digital Dhobi is the brain child of Ashutosh Mishra, Chandan Singh, Anjani Mishra and Snigdha Mishra. While at Manipal University, Chandan and Ashotosh, as students faced the same laziness to deal with laundry but found the local laundry service to be unreliable. Constantly they faced many problems such as missing clothing and laundry being tampered.

Many times they were involved in arguments with the laundrymen at the hostels. It was then that they decided to take matters at their own hands. As students belonging to a technology based generation, they understood that every problem has an innovative solution.

They wanted to find a solution which not only would make the students’ lives easier but would also be easier on their pockets.

They wanted to combine technology with quality of service and professionalism to provide customers with facilities like fast and easy online ordering and tracking process as well as convenient at-the-door pick-up and delivery options so that no one would face the same problems again. The founders initially toyed with the idea of starting their own laundry plant but eventually decided to leaving it to the local services that had been doing it for years would be more feasible.

login page of digital dhobi app
Login Screen of Digital Dhobi App

So, the team tied up with the local laundry; the rates are mutually decided and an MoU is signed. The local service is responsible for washing, ironing and dry-cleaning. Pick-up, delivery, tagging and packaging are done by Digital Dhobi members. The laundry standards have been set by them for the local laundries with respect to time, Quality of service and professionalism so that no customer is disappointed with the work or has complaints. All the clothes go through a quality check before they are delivered to the customers.

The most attractive feature of Digital Dhobi is the ease of use which it provides to the costumers. With them, the customers aren’t at the mercy of the local launderer’s whims, instead here the customer is the king.

They provide various service categories- They have options like delivery within anywhere between 48 hours to 7 hours with rates varying for each type of service. They provide regular deals and discounts. The estimate cost of regular wear clothes comes to be just around 14 Rs. per piece. They provide dry-cleaning services also and for a complete two-piece suit, the estimate cost is around 200 to 250 rupees only.

register page digital dhobi
Register Screen of Digital Dhobi App

They have brought down the laborious task of washing clothes down to 4 simple steps. Schedule a wash, order a pick-up, track your order, order delivery. So, basically as easy as swish and flick of your wand.

Currently they have an affiliation with Manipal University (Manipal). They are planning to get contracts from the colleges in Pune to expand after Manipal.

Their plan is to expand their service in all Indian colleges and improve the laundry services provided currently to students. Their main aim to provide quality services with professionalism, transparency and convenience. Their motto ‘ Leave your dust to us’.

About startup:

  • Ashutosh Mishra
  • Chandan Singh
  • Anjani Mishra
  • Snigdha Mishra