This Startup Is Taking A Big Leap By Using AI Based Chat Bot In Revolutionising Education

This Startup Is Taking A Big Leap By Using AI Based Chat Bot In Revolutionising Education

Artificial Intelligence is reforming many industries right from medical to manufacturing. The momentum has grown so much that there is the use of AI in every sphere of work.

This Startup Is Taking A Big Leap By Using AI Based Chat Bot In Revolutionising Education

The most famous uses of AI are Siri, Facebook, Robots and Driverless cars. Now the technology is still developing and has started revolutionizing the education sector as well.

Apurva Muthe is a young enthusiast for emerging technologies. He is talented and keeps a genuine desire in bringing the best in its products.   He created Tinker Bot and launched it on 23rd February 2017.

Apurva Muthe
Apurva Muthe – Founder, Tinker Bot

This startup has the first-mover advantage to engage the student in learning in a conversation form.  Till now, if you meant chatting means talking with friends. From now onwards, chatting would also mean learning as well.

Education in India is based on information rather than knowledge based. The whole focus is cramming and presenting it in a right way in the exam rather than understanding or analyzing it. There is very less use of technology tools while teaching any subjects. Thus teaching environment fails to give importance to all student and hardly student doubts are clarified.

Learn by chatting
With the Tinker Bot, education classes can be personalized. It offers multiple choice questions. If an answer goes wrong, then there is a short explanation. Later it provides an in-depth information. It is integrated with Facebook Messenger so that users do not have to download any app.

This application will respond to student needs of any age group to choose the topic of interest. It helps the students to learn at their space. It also helps the student to deal with the judgment-free environment.

It offers solutions for improvement. Many students are scared to make mistakes. Using these tactics, its gives an opportunity to learn even if a student chooses a wrong answer. Trial and error method learning is less daunting and compelling way for improvement in studies. Using the AI system, one can opt to learn from any part of the world and at any point of time.

It assists the learner with self-assessment and self-learning. It gives appropriate guidance and explanation to the student considering the level of difficulty.

With the Tinker Bot, education classes can be personalized
With the Tinker Bot, education classes can be personalized

Achievements and future plans
Apurva Muthe is geared up and taken the responsibilities on his shoulder to transform the education system. He is preparing the students for a better future. Tinker Bot provides a sustainable solution for all learners. After one month of launch, there are more than 300+ daily active users with 8000+ daily conversations. The company has plans to spread awareness through conducting seminars in various college about this technology.

AI has the power to revolutionize education and benefit both teachers and students. The smart technology can enhance and promote quality education.  It can address the areas where students are lagging and consistently push the student in a creative way to excel in it. The student will feel more comfortable and can concentrate on studies. It will make the studies more encouraging and more efficient.

Tinker Bot LogoMore details about the startup:
Name of the startup: Tinker Bot
Founder’s name: Apurva Muthe
Startup website:
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Location: Nashik, Maharashtra