T-Hub Celebrates National Startup Day with the Launch of Two New Cohort Programs

– T-Hub unveiled two new program cohorts: The fifth iteration of its T-Angel funding program and the second cohort of its RubriX product development program.

– T-Angel has shortlisted 20 startups from various industries, while the second cohort of its product development program, RubriX, has selected 13 startups from industries such as e-commerce platforms, health tech and fintech, among others.

India, 16th January 2023: To mark the National Startup Day, T-Hub, a leader in India’s innovation ecosystem, announced the launch of the fifth cohort of its funding program, T-Angel, and the second cohort of its product development program, RubriX. The T-Angel program, which is sector-agnostic, has selected 20 startups from a pool of 675 applications from across the country. The program provides a combination of investment learning, mentorship, and evaluation over a 100-day period to assist startups in connecting with investors, other startups, advisors, partners, and the extensive T-Hub network.

The RubriX program aims to provide startups with investment learning, mentorship, and evaluation over a 100-day period, connecting them with investors, other startups, advisors, partners, and the T-Hub ecosystem. Meanwhile, RubriX, a 100-day product development program, aims to assist startups in building products to global standards. The program offers training, mentorship, tools, and resources to help startups rapidly develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at a reduced cost. A total of 13 startups were chosen from 325 applications across a variety of sectors, including fintech, healthcare, education, and EV, among others. T-Hub also partnered with f5, GitHub, Digital Fabric, Moolya Testing, and UCC to provide startups with hands-on industry experience, among the shortlisted startups were FRNDPay, NPay, Billio, PromoDe, Career Forge, E-Sunrise Auto Industry, Medaid Technologies, Grayswipe, Robokalam, Lucria Consulting, Actalyst, SubCo and Eagriseva (Kisan Das).

T-Hub celebrates National Startup Day with the launch of two new program cohorts

Mahankali Srinivas Rao (MSR), CEO, T-Hub, said, “At T-Hub, we’re committed to fostering a thriving startup ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to success. The double launch of new cohorts of T-Angel and RubriX is a testament to that commitment. We’re excited to see the impact these programs will have on the selected startups and the industry as a whole.”

The event, attended by esteemed guests including Laxman Papineni, CEO and co-founder of Outplayhq, Vijay Yelamanchili, founder of Keka HR, and T-Hub leaders Vijay Bawra and Anish Anthony, featured presentations and product demonstrations from 40 startups and 10 value partners.”

Vijay Yelamanchili, Founder, Keka HR, said, “On this national startup day, kudos to all those who started, fell, stood up and aspired to start! Being a Hyderabad-based startup founder, I can’t thank T-Hub enough for the great work it is doing in supporting the startup ecosystem. I’m glad to be associated with T-Hub.”

Laxman Papineni, Cofounder Outplayhq said, “Hyderabad’s infrastructure and startup ecosystem enable it to be a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The thriving startup community and active investor community provide a fertile ground for smart founders to build their companies. We are proud to be building our company in this dynamic city.”

T-Hub’s programs have been successfully scaling startups with a robust ecosystem of partners. T-Hub, to date, has impacted over 2000 startups through various programs and initiatives. It has over 600 global and national corporate partners and has provided 2000 mentor connects to help the startup scale. T-Hub will continue to drive collaboration between startups and leading innovation ecosystems worldwide, providing global market-access opportunities to startups.

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