This Bangalore Based Homemaker Turns Entrepreneur Launches Online Diamond Jewellery Platform With Top Notch Quality and Affordable Pricing

This Bangalore Based Homemaker Turns Entrepreneur Launches Online Diamond Jewellery Platform With Top Notch Quality and Affordable Pricing

Jewellery can be seen as an essential part of the life of a human. Irrespective of religion, time, class, culture and gender, adorning ourselves with various types of jewellery has been one consistent aspect that easily gets noticed or grabs the attention.

At all the important occasions be it an engagement, a wedding, the birth of the child or a family or other social function generally involve gifting and beautifying with jewellery. But the issue that most of us get encountered while selecting and buying any jewellery is com-promising on our budget and excellent designs. In fact, one cannot deny the truth – how hard it is nowadays to find a good quality diamond or gold jewellery.

Mrs. Supriya Sampath - Founder of Ketan Diamonds
Mrs. Supriya Sampath – Founder of Ketan Diamonds

When was the last time, you or any of your relative compromised on factors like quality, designs or budget while purchasing jewellery? Let me ask you a simple question – How well are you of the quality and price of jewellery that you are planning to buy or bought last week? Probably, you might have never bothered to get into those details. Now the problem is that most of the merchants in the country take undue advantage of this unawareness of the customers by selling low-quality jewellery at high rates. Addressing to avoid such unin-vited hassles and to provide customers with unique and high-quality diamond jewellery at affordable prices, Mrs. Supriya Sampath and Mr. Sampath Raj founded Ketan Diamonds in April 2018.

Mrs. Supriya Sampath and Mr. Sampath Raj - Founder and Co-Founder of Ketan Diamonds
Mrs. Supriya Sampath and Mr. Sampath Raj – Founder and Co-Founder of Ketan Diamonds

With an aim to provide transparency in the business, the founders of the Ketan Diamonds provide authentication certificates to the customers for their diamond purchases. The co-founder, Mrs Supriya Sampath also educates the customers and spread the awareness about the quality and pricing of the diamonds amongst them.

The visionary behind the foundation of Ketan Diamonds is the co-founder Mrs. Supriya Sampath. After her marriage at the age of 20 with Mr. Sampath Raj, she started to assist him in the jewellery store. Mrs. Supriya had a massive interest in diamonds and a right eye for amazing diamond designs. Mr. Sampath Raj and Mrs. Supriya Sampath added diamond products into their jewel-lery store.

Mrs. Supriya helmed the new vertical added to their business by adding ethnic and latest diamond jewellery designs. The quality and designs of the jewellery were liked by the cus-tomers, and the sale of diamond jewellery began to elevate.

After a decade in the diamond business, Supriya decided to give the business a new push. To match up with the shifting drift in the market, she decided to launch an e-commerce jewellery store to reach out to the customers who love buying products online. The sole motive to come up with an online store was to provide a platform for the customers where they can buy genuine and most impressive diamonds with lots of trusts. Through ketan diamonds she wants to share her knowledge and experience with customers to help them select the best designs as per their requirements.

Ketan Diamonds aims to be one of the leading online diamond jewellery portals in India with a philosophy of 3P’s – Pure, Perfect and precious. Currently, the company has its offices in Bangalore and Mumbai and delivery reachability across the country.

Ketan Diamonds Logo

With many big players already in the online jewellery market, the founders of the Ketan Di-amonds are confident that with their unique proposition and undying purity of diamonds, the company will take the lead and will stand out in the highly competitive online diamond market.

The founders feel that every customer is their ideal customer. In fact, after offering the best services to a wide customer base, now these customers had good trust in the company and assured of getting high-quality diamonds at affordable prices. Taking the next step, the company is planning to launch home service across India, where the customers can have a look and feel of the product before they could place the order.

Success of the business
With high quality and best pricing as the Unique Selling Points, the company has set standards very high and earned a good reputation. The buyback policy provides more transparency to the service company offer, and it is better than the competitors in the market. The company offers a wide range of high-quality design of diamond jewellery available at a very affordable rate with an authentication certificate along with this, they can avail the EMI option on their purchase.

Future Vision
Ketan Diamonds is working towards reaching the target of covering over 12 cities and to add more than 2500 additional designs to their existing collection. The company targets to increase the team size and planning to add around 20 new professionals. They are also aiming to reach the annual turnover to 100 crores. Additionally, the company is launching a customer support helpline and live chat service to assist its customers efficiently and instantly.

Currently, the company is all set to implement the “Try at home service” concept across the country in a phased manner. The company is also planning to be the fastest online jewellery provider by launching the provision of delivery of jewellery within 48 hours to the customers. And, to begin with, the company is starting this service to the metro cities and then in a few coming months will expand to other tier-2 cities.

More details about the startup:
Name of Startup: Ketan Diamonds
Founders: Mrs. Supriya Sampath and Mr.Sampath Raj
Launch Date of Company: April 2018
Physical Address: A .K colony, Adugodi, Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560030
Investors (If any): No. The company bootstrapped and is now looking for funding.

• The founders of the company have got good years of experience in the jewellery in-dustry.
• The company already has a large base of customers.
• The co-founder has mastered the 4 C’s of the diamond and has an eye for detail for the quality diamond design.
• Offers affordable diamond and gold jewellery
• Team of highly skilled and passionate professionals
• A wide range of products that fulfil the need and desires of each customer
• Huge potential in the market
• The direct competitors are Bluestone, Caratlane and but Ketan Diamonds has better pricing and quality

• To reach the turnover of 100 crores by the next 2 years
• To add more than 2500 additional designs to existing collection and cover over 12 major cities of the country
• To become the leading online diamond jewellery portal
• To launch soon “Try at home service”, across many states in India.