In this highly competitive and ever-growing market, it is the need of the hour to have a reliable and flexible supply chain. Having a reliable supply chain is very lucrative for any business. One of the essential elements of this supply chain is warehousing, which has significantly transformed over the time from a mere storage area to one of the strategic turn key points of entire supply chain. Automated warehouses make supply chain very responsive, flexible and efficient by providing optimized material storage and material movement solutions. With the advent of GST in India and the rise of the organized retail and e-commerce, the fragmented small storage warehouses have been consolidated into one big warehouse, which is boosting the scope for automation. In fact, today automated and digital warehouse is a must for any organization to match the level of customer expectations, business competition, and growth projections.

This Startup Breaks Barriers With Advanced and Innovative Warehousing Technologies
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Helping companies in India achieve this vision of flexible supply chain is the motto at Addverb. It has embarked on the journey of “Make-in-India” by making the Indian manufacturers more competitive by providing them with automated warehousing solutions. They are one of their kind of Robotic company providing automation for warehouse and factories. They have a wide product portfolio under different categories such as mobile robotics, warehouse automation and Industrial IoT. Founded in the year 2016, by some of the industry enthusiasts such as Mr Sangeet Kumar, Mr Prateek Jain, Mr Amit Kumar, Mr Neeraj Sharma, Mr Bir Singh, and Mr Satish Shukla.

Once being customers themselves, they understand the supply chain proficiently and are in a position to customize products and solutions to cater to the varied needs of their customers. They have the vision to transform the Indian supply chain by adopting and introducing the industry 4.0 technologies.

Addverb has a wide variety of product portfolio that serves the end-to-end automation needs of the warehouse starting from in-warding of the materials, goods storage, goods picking and goods dispatch. Various solutions that help this process are:

  • Carton Shuttle: Mini-load storage & goods-to-person picking solution, which increases the storage utilization by using height of the warehouse building and picking throughput by minimizing the no. of touches
  • Mother- Child Pallet Shuttle System: A dense racking solution, that increases the storage capacity of warehouse through vertical utilization of space
  • Mobile Robot: Natural navigation based mobile robot that facilitates material movement in a warehouse without the need for any fixed conveyor systems
  • Sorting Robot: An extremely fast unit load sortation system which is completely flexible
  • AS/RS: An automated storage and retrieval system for warehouse, that provides high operational efficiencies
  • Pick-Put-To-Light: Light directed picking technology, which has a capacity to pick up to 500 order lines in an hour as opposed to manual picking
  • Pick by Voice: Voice based picking technology that directs the picker through regional language voice commands. Being more intuitive in nature, it will increase the picking throughput by 250%
  • Warehouse Management softwares: Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Control System, softwares that coordinate and provide visibility of the entire warehouse operations
This Startup Breaks Barriers with Advanced and Innovative warehousing technologies

Apart from the above products, Addverb leverages advanced technologies like IIoT to provide asset visibility, asset tracking and asset utilization through advanced analytics. Industrial Packaging solutions through robots are another line of segment where Addverb could come up with most innovative solutions to solve the complex challenges faced by customers.

‘Customer Centricity’ being one of the core principles of Addverb, they provide customization according to the needs and requirements of the customer. They craft solutions to different types of warehouses depending on the maturity of automation like A, B, C, and D, where Grade A being the most advanced automated warehouse equipped with automated storage and retrieval systems, sorting robots and mobile robots to Grade D warehouses where the operations are operating though manual workforce. Each of the warehouses require different kinds of solutions given the landscape they operate in. Passionate team of engineers are dedicated to provide clients with some of the most advanced and effective solutions. Their constant endeavor to innovate and re-innovate the solutions makes them one of the market leaders. With the same spirit, within a span of three years it could bag some of the biggest industry players like Reliance, Patanjali, ITC, J&J, HUL, CEAT, FSC, Coca-Cola to name a few. Though it started majorly on the domestic market initially, soon the product footprint helped them cross the borders to UK &Russian markets.

Addverb could come up with most innovative solutions to solve the complex challenges faced by customers

Despite the glorious journey in 3 years, it wasn’t always this smooth at the beginning and they had to face various challenges that any typical B2B company goes through, i.e, gaining the trust of customer, especially when the company was new. Considering the scenario of warehousing & stage of automation back then, they started educating the customers with regard to the advantages of using an advanced and automated warehousing solutions through site visits, seminars and workshops. Slowly but steadily, this not only helped them to gain initial orders but also established good relations with their customers and prospects. However, sound technical knowledge, expertise and commitment got new clients gradually. Clients would love them for their wide spectrum of knowledge and innovative solutions. They provided solutions across various industries like E-commerce, F&B, FMCG, Chemicals, Retail, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals etc.

With a dream to become the most sought-after company in the field of industrial robotics and software solutions, they are expanding quite rapidly. Within a span of 3 years, the team grew to a size of 150+ members, with offices across 3 different cities of India. They wish to explore various untouched segments of the industry with their innovative solutions. Addverb encourages young talent to discover new ways to increase the use of robotics in warehousing and create a new cult of Robotics in India.